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How to celebrate a company’s birthday? 15 ideas with variations


The day before the character grows up, the game notifies you and advises you to have a party.
To organize this event, you need to call and just select the Sim guests from your friends list. You can celebrate both at home and in public areas (for a fee). The price of the celebration on a public site varies from 150 to 400 simoleons. The most expensive place is the Picture Gallery.

There are only two types of parties available in the Sims 3 game - home parties and birthday parties. You can also have a wedding party, but this opportunity appears only when the sims are engaged. In our case, a birthday party is held. You can choose the time of the beginning of the holiday, as well as the form of clothing in which guests will arrive: casual, formal or swimsuit (unfortunately, there are no pajama parties yet). You can invite anyone you want, and a message will appear later about who came to the holiday.
The list of invitees can be different: only friends, neighbors and work colleagues. This simplifies the selection, as the game automatically discards those sims that you saw only once or don't want to see at all.
Here we see that the Petrova family chose the time to start the party - 13:00, the casual dress style of the guests and the list of invitees included both friends and several colleagues.

Now everything is planned, and the Petrovs are ready for a party on the street. A music center, several tables with food, chairs and a birthday cake are all that is needed for the holiday. Since everything happens in the fresh air, Petrovs have a chance to use the new grill, “borrowed” from Central Park (a statue and a bench from there are also used).

Some guests arrive ahead of time, in which case they begin to hang around the house half an hour before the due date. Think they miss? Maybe. Although usually they immediately enter the house without any invitation. By the way, guests often bring food with them, which is very good for the hosts, since after parties there is a supply of food for another couple of days.
If you do not pay enough attention to the guests, they will simply leave. Some Sims will go away silently, while others, by virtue of their nature, can throw a tantrum.
For the party to end, the birthday party needs to blow out the candles on the cake. If the sim is still too small to do it yourself, then adults will help him. To do this, just select an adult sim and click on the cake.

In general, the Petrovs bring little Masha to the cake, blow out the candles and lower the baby to the ground. Suddenly she is surrounded by bright light and brilliance, and after a moment we see Masha Petrova, who has grown up. Now she is a todler.


First of all, we still have a birthday!
Secondlyballs perfectly support corporate colors. From them you can create panels with a logo and almost any three-dimensional figure.
Thirdly, look great both in the office, in the auditorium, and in the restaurant. Here are the basic elements for decoration. Our decorator will come to the office for discussion, call me!

Large volume letters and shapes

It looks so festive that I recommend these foam letters to all customers for any reason. You can order a company name (letters and numbers), a logo or just a funny figure. Size can be from 10 cm to 4 meters :-). Manufacturers of such letters are in every city.

You can take pictures with letters, because employees generously throw such pictures on social networks. They can decorate a banquet table or indoor walls. Very good! However, here are 40 more pictures with letters from different materials.

Tantamaresca or press wall

By the company's birthday, you can order a funny banner with slots for faces (this is tantamaresca). The plot, of course, should reflect the direction of the company, contain important information, but at the same time radiate positive. Employees will have fun taking pictures and, accordingly, posting them on social media pages. If the logo and the date of the event are more important, we simply order the press wall.

Unusual photo gallery

In the reception room of a company, I photographed this lamp. I don’t know how they did it, but it looks killer.

For each birthday of the company, you can create a new art object with portraits of your colleagues. Even if it is just a gallery of positive photos of working moments and frames from corporate holidays in frames. Change every year and smile. Pictures should be professional, naturally.

Theme buffet

How would I explain ... I borrowed the idea from the wedding candy bar. These are such sweet tables on which, in addition to sweets, you can place photographs in the frame and all sorts of designer “little things”, arrange the background and tablecloth on the theme of the event.

Snacks can be absolutely any (canapes, pies for “one tooth”, tartlets), and the table itself can be decorated in accordance with our holiday.

You can do just sweet treats. Nowadays, you can order cupcakes and popcakes with logos, letters and numbers.

Reception with delivery to the office can be ordered from us.

Sand show

Very popular greetings. The artist draws a sand story about your company on a glass table, and you watch a beautiful show with recognizable characters on the big screen. Such a show lasts 15-20 minutes, the impression remains for many months.

However, it is cheaper to order a record of the animated sand story in advance and show it to your colleagues and partners at any convenient moment of the celebration. Call, we have great artists! They will make a studio recording and bring a disc.

Light show

There is a similar in meaning, but completely different in performance lighting show. The girl draws with light brushes on a special screen that no one sees in complete darkness. It looks fantastic!

At the end of the show will be a happy birthday to the company. Call, we have great artists. All this is also to the music.

Themed Cake

If you plan only a festive tea party, a cake with a plot is a great solution. By the way, if it turns out expressive, it will definitely get to social networks and get a bunch of likes. Delicious advertising for your company. Here, for example, a cake in the form of a dental chair :-).

It is worth discussing with confectioners what exactly needs to be depicted. Flight of fancy in our time is unlimited. The cake can be of any shape, any size and color, with the logo or figures of employees dressed according to the dress code.

Congratulation film

Great idea! This is not just a film that will be remembered by the employees of the company. This is a fun event, which lasts several hours in the office or on a special venue. The pleasure is stretched in time, since the shooting of the episodes is quite emotional :-).

The film can be comic, costumed, with props and props. We promise tricks too, call :-).

Name souvenirs

A win-win congratulation to the distinguished employees of the company. Now, such souvenirs can be ordered in a single copy, so each employee can get something special. In order for the gifts to be truly targeted, place photographs or names of employees besides the company logo. This is VERY nice, believe me!

Friendly cartoon

The idea is wonderful in every sense. The artist-cartoonist, as a rule, has a very tenacious look. He notices the most characteristic facial features and personality traits of a person, draws quickly and grotesquely. However, he had no time to delve into the complex interweaving of bosses and subordinates :-). Portraits are very funny, and the process itself can be considered entertainment.

The sharjist makes 5-7 portraits in an hour. The idea can be used even if you decide to get by with a short tea party in the office.

We pass on to the individual

Every year new forms of holding the company's birthday appear, but in any scenario on such a day it is still worth including the celebration of "heroes of the occasion". In reasonable doses, it is interesting even to invited partners.

There is nothing nicer for any employee of the company than hearing a few pleasant words about yourself surrounded by colleagues. In addition to serious awards, you can take ideas from my selection with comic nominations.

The script needs to be ordered in 1.5 months, so that there is time for corrections and additions. From experience, it is almost impossible to find a finished script on the Internet, since each team has its own characteristics. For some, the prepared poems and remade songs are too primitive, someone will not appreciate the bearded humorous workpieces.

We have presenters who will conduct a worthy entertainment and incentive program. You can have a karaoke party with good contests, a dance battle, surprises and show numbers. Call me!

Thematic Quest

This direction in organizing holidays is gaining momentum every year, I can definitely say from the increasing number of calls that this is so. Organizers of quests are also improving, using more and more equipment and special props for testing.

On the company's birthday, the quest scenario is maximally attracted to the direction of the company. The organizers learn interesting and mysterious stories about the work of the office and come up with detective or mystical stories in which your employees participate.

We have exit quest rooms and tournaments with a buffet table (these are stationary 5 rooms with a recreation area), role-playing quests and "reshariums", quest-excursions, active games indoors and outdoors.

Mind games in a good mood

This is cheaper than quests, but the emotions are also very vivid. I have repeatedly been convinced that this format is very suitable for celebrating the company's birthday. First of all, you can add questions about the history of the company’s development, Secondly, at one table, the draw can put together a courier and a manager, chief accountant and secretary.

From 6 to 90 people can play at the same time (at different tables, of course). If desired, add a musical break, tea break, delivery of a crystal owl, etc.

We have “Crystal Owl”, “Brain Ring”, “Sixth Sense”, “Mafia”, “KinoQuiz”, Intelligent Mix.

Creative workshops

Master classes will be a bright emphasis on the holiday, even if you decide to limit yourself to a traditional banquet and disco.

In honor of your company, you can arrange a concert on drums, paint in oil a general picture for decorating the office.

However, you can paint corporate t-shirts - this is also very interesting.

Summer holiday

A company’s birthday is often held in the summer, so you can choose something active and unusual for the holiday. I must say right away that for such events you do not need to be a master of sports - everything is very accessible for a person without special training.

For those who are not limited to eating kebabs in the fresh air, I recommend sports holidays:

Our offer

If any idea seemed interesting, contact me in any convenient way (we are in Moscow):

Holiday Again
Contact person: Panasyan Irina
Email me: [email protected]
Call: +7 (925) 730-88-50

I will not repeat myself, look at these collections of articles:

Good day!
Interested in the cost of a "banquet quest."

About 3000 rubles per person, depends on the number of participants.

Batch checklist

Hosting together is not difficult once you have arranged the details. He gets to this point and made sure that you know what to do when it can be overwhelming and discouraging. But dare to heart, this handy checklist will guide you through all the details you need to remember so that you can concentrate on the fun and not experience stress over your dos.

Estimating the amount of drinks for your party

He seems to be working in my family, but I never want to run around for drinks when I'm having fun. On the other hand, I don’t have a big enough refrigerator to store all the drinks I need to make me feel confident that I have enough. And, more importantly, my budget cannot afford all the extra costs to buy twice as many drinks that I worry about that I need. That's why I follow a slightly more scientific approach when I prepare my shopping list for drinks and do only a small part of rounding, because old habits die hard.

Estimating the quantity of products for your party

If you think I'm too worried about the amount of drinks I need for a party, then you can’t imagine how embarrassed I am if I run out of food. I believe that I will be kicked out of my extended family if I ever run away. I was at parties where there was not enough food, for example, for the whole evening there were about three potato chips (maybe this is a little exaggerated), but the fact that my husband and I had to stop for a bite on the way home is not an exaggeration. And I never I don’t want my guests to do this, leaving one of my events.


The main objective of the party, on the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of the head of Vudud Violetta, was to bring together several companies unfamiliar with each other, of different ages and occupations (family, friends, colleagues and classmates, only 28 people). Therefore, it was decided to abandon the generally accepted feast in favor of a more free and open format, where guests could move around the site, choosing their own classes.

The Four Elements Hotel’s summer terrace was ideal for this. An excellent, proven site with caring staff and high quality service.

Because we did not need a large space, and there was no point in booking the entire site. In order for people not to disperse in different angles, to be together all the time and communicate with each other, 30 sq. M. Were completely enough, in our case it is exactly half of the vernada.


What a holiday without music and dancing?

We recommend that you check in advance if there is a stationary speaker on the site. If there is no column, you can easily rent it from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles.

In this case, you don’t need a DJ - just prepare a USB flash drive with music suitable for the event format. Two is better. On one - incendiary tracks, occasionally interspersed with slow tracks. And on the other - a calmer chill out music, because when the guests start to disperse, no one will want to dance until you drop. The second flash drive is must have.

Despite the fact that the site is small, due to the location under the open sky, audibility there is not always good. Therefore, it would be great to also capture a microphone (even a wired one) - thereby everyone will be able to, without straining, congratulate you. Rent 500-1000 r / day.

We highly recommend putting some kind of mobile attraction - a dance mat, karaoke, PlayStation with races or wrestling, because it distracts and relaxes people, and also forms a kind of team spirit in the new company.

In our case, table football (hotel property) was especially popular. We even staged an impromptu championship with a standings and a winner.

If large-scale designs do not fit into your budget and vision of the world, then you can always put an ordinary inexpensive frame (joker) with a banner, or put together a photo background from the rails and cover it with fabric or the same banner.

- The Joker is the property of the Voodra team
- Printing a banner 2x2 m. - 1200 p. + layout from the designer 500r.
- Purchase of photo props + part brought from home stocks - 300 p.

Thus, it turned out to be a very cool, bright and minimalistic photo phone, and all the photos with the guests were in the same style. They were also sent photo examples in advance to immediately understand how to use it.

It’s great if there are 2 photographers on the site. Because very many guests, having tasted it, want to take pictures in the photo zone individually, in pairs, in groups and with a birthday girl from all angles, and at the same time, interesting activities take place on the site. Therefore, an additional photographer at least for 1.5 hours is an excellent solution to this problem.

Arrange with the photographer in advance about giving the photo 2-4 days after the event. In our age of social networks, photos from your birthday are needed as quickly as possible, because after a month they will lose their relevance.

Large, on the side, indicate the hashtag of your celebration on the photophone. Let all the guests on the day of the holiday combine the photo report under one tag.

In our case - # viola33

To minimize the budget, it’s great if the guests will also act as a kind of “decor” of the event. The dress code "American style" was spelled out in invitations, which were sent electronically in social networks. They also indicated free timing, which allowed guests to calmly pull themselves up to the site for several hours. The layout of the invitation cost 500 r.

In order for the guests to understand the dress code, we recommend making references for both men and women. Checkered flannel shirts, jeans, sneakers, red lipstick, and the colors of the American flag - all this will create a bright, uniform picture and a cheerful mood.

The food at our American party was mainly snacks.

Обязательно должно быть что-то мясное и сытное и что-то легкое и свежее типа фруктов (у нас был арбуз), а на десерт, конечно же, торт. Не ждите окончания вечера, чтобы его разрезать. Достаточно подождать 1,5-2 часа с начала мероприятия, конечно же сфотографироваться с тортом и потом нарезать и поставить на стол, чтобы каждый гость имел возможность подойти и взять себе кусочек.

Как рассчитать алкоголь?

It is advisable to calculate alcohol not according to the scheme from the Internet, but to write next to each guest in the invite list how much, in your opinion, this person will drink (someone is driving, someone drinks a little, someone likes only beer, etc. d.). To the resulting add 10% of the stock.

In order to keep the alcohol cold, two enameled buckets were bought and filled with ice. They contained beer and champagne. An opener was also tied to the bucket so that guests would not run around the site in search of improvised means for opening bottles. And next to the table was a small trash can where lids and empty bottles were dumped. Details that, at first glance, are not very noticeable, but greatly facilitate life!

Of course, you need to provide for water and soft drinks on the site (fruit drinks, tea, Coca-Cola). And also a special menu for vegetarians, if any.

The Four Elements menu did not have the necessary snacks, but they gladly went to meet us and recreated our desires from a photo from the Internet - for example, shots with ketchup and french fries. Therefore, do not hesitate to show examples of your snacks to the managers of the institution. With high probability they will be happy to implement them.