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How to become an image maker - your questions


Many people dream of working as an image consultant, personal shopper or stylist. This is an interesting, high-paying and creative profession that gives people the opportunity to change their style.

However, not everyone knows how to become a professional image consultant with a successful business and a large number of clients.

Today we will present you a list of steps necessary to start working as a stylist or image maker.

1 step - get an education and a confirmation certificate

It is not enough just to have a good taste and a little understanding of fashion in order to work professionally with clients. To do this, you need to get an education in any of the schools in courses on image, fashion or style.

After graduation, you definitely need to get a certificate, because this is what your potential customers will look at first. It is better if it is a European certificate. He will immediately show a high level of your knowledge.

3 - define your target audience

Decide who your customers will be: VIPs, famous people, fashion magazines, models, or ordinary people. Will it be rich or middle-income people, men or women, etc.

Focus on which target audience you understand best. For example, if you are 20-25 years old, it is not recommended to work with a very adult audience. Most likely, you will offer them a too cardinal approach to changing their appearance. In the end, they will say that you do not understand them and that you are too young.

4 - think of how you will differ from other stylists-image makers

Now there are a large number of stylists, image makers. Their main problem is that they all offer almost the same services and it is not very clear how they differ from each other.

You need to find your chip. This may be some special method of working with clients, a specific approach, or some unique services.

6 - start compiling a portfolio and collect customer reviews

To start earning a good income as a stylist-image-maker, you need to collect a lot of feedback and get at least some experience as a stylist-image-maker.

To do this, we recommend that you conduct free image consultations, personal shopping and wardrobe analysis just for the opportunity to take photos of the client after the service you have provided, ask him to write a review and post this information on his website.

8 - start building a network of partners

The easiest way is to advertise yourself through partners (hairdressers, beauty salons, women's training centers, etc.) Try to find such people in your city, tell about yourself and offer them cooperation. Because they will recommend you to clients, you will pay them a certain commission (for example, 10%).

9 - start advertising on the Internet

Do not expect customers to start looking for you. For customers to find you, you must be active. To do this, it is recommended to start promoting yourself, for example, on the Internet.

Spending huge budgets is not necessary. There are many free ways to promote yourself. It is very important that you begin to declare yourself as a stylist, image maker, in different sources where your potential audience is.

10 - try yourself in related specialties

In the fashion world, there are a large number of other specialties that a stylist-image maker can do. This is a visual merchandiser, work with fashion magazines, with online stores or work as a cool hunter’s, work on photos as a stylist, etc. Try to find out about all these areas, and maybe something will interest you and become a source of additional income.