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Install Joomla Template


Not without reason Joomla is considered one of the most popular CMS (content management systems). Templates designed for this system are deservedly in demand among webmasters.

The peculiarity of Joomla templates is that they are as prepared and absolutely adapted so that they can be installed without any difficulties.

Installing the joomla template is a fairly simple procedure and therefore anyone who creates their own sites can master it.

Due to the wide range of existing templates, you can equally quickly design complex corporate sites or simple business card pages.

Templates are responsible for the external design of the site content and its output. The developers have provided two types of templates. The former are intended to be controlled using the admin panel, while the latter perform a similar function only for the user part.

Free templates can be found on specialized sites. Downloading is very simple - just click on the link and the installation package file will be saved on your computer’s hard drive.

Next, the fun begins - how to install the joomla 3 template.

Consider the first method in more detail

You need to enter the administrative part of the site and open the extension manager page through the menu item “Extensions”.

On the page that opens, you can install everything: plugins, language packs, modules, templates, and, of course, components. If the option called “Install from JED” has been activated, then three or four options will remain:

After the batch file is downloaded successfully, the installation process takes place. If everything goes well, you will receive a notification about this.

To make sure that everything went as it should, just go to the template manager tab. The new template should appear in the list. Now you can assign it by default.

What is a Joomla template

In addition, templates Joomla may have a number of internal settings depending on the framework used and internal templates for individual modules and components.

There are also templates for the control panel (admin panel), but the use of non-standard templates for the admin panel makes little sense, since its interface should be familiar to the web developer.

How to install a template on Joomla

There are 2 ways to install the template on the site. Joomla:

Consider the installation process using the example template Helix3 from the developer Joomshaper. This template is free and has 2 versions for download: with Quickstart'ohm and without it. Download Template Helix3 can be here.

Installing template files in Joomla

  1. download the template archive without Quickstart from the developer's site

"> site control panel on Joomla go to ExtensionsExtension managerInstallation

The template will be installed in the control system, but for the template to be applied in the external interface Joomla, you must activate it.

Activation of the template in the Joomla frontend

After the template is installed through the extension manager:

    go to ExtensionsPatternsStyles:

The icon turns yellow: the template will be assigned to all external pages of the site by default.

to check the application of the template go to the website

Most likely, most of the modules will stop showing up on the site, because the names of the modules of the old and new templates do not match: