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6 tips to make your face thinner


All people are different in physique, face, hair structure, etc. It happens that a person has a proportional slim physique and at the same time full cheeks. Or the cheeks appear due to excess weight or due to heredity.

We can convince you as much as possible that full cheeks look cute, read sermons like “love yourself the way you are,” but if you don’t like yourself, we won’t succeed.

So how to deal with such a problem? How to make your cheeks thin, advises the site Be slim and beautiful.

A few recommendations how to remove cheeks or hide them visually:

1. The most expensive and yet radical way is to do liposuction or plastic surgery of the buccal region. A fat lump called Bisha in the cheek area gives the face a swelling. Doctors remove it and the problem of magnificent cheeks, and their sagging goes away once and for all.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the swelling of the cheeks with age goes away naturally. Therefore, liposuction should not be done before 25 years, because over time, the face will look tired and sick.

2. If you do not want to resort to a surgical method, then visual correction of the cheeks can be done using decorative cosmetics. Go to the mirror and mentally draw the outlines that seem perfect to you. Here are those areas of your face that are left outside this line and try to make it darker with a foundation.

Apply powder on top. Just do not overdo the choice of dark color, choose a tone according to your natural complexion, otherwise it will look too catchy. A dark tone will save your face from an undesirable volume, visually hide your imperfections, distract attention from them and help make your cheeks thin.

Do not apply makeup with harsh strokes. When applying makeup, use a make-up brush to blend the powder and foundation, and do this with smooth movements in a circle from the central periphery along the contour of the face.

3. The blush option will also help make your look more perfect. You will need bright blush and bright, which you put on the cheekbones at the top. Correctly shade blush can be as follows: apply them along the cheekbones from the middle, gradually approaching the temporal parts. Apply a dark blush on your cheeks a little lower. At home, try experimenting with tones to achieve a result that clearly conceals puffy cheeks and, of course, you will like. As a rule, the matte color of blush without shine and nacre looks better than everyone else.

If you have dark skin, then you need to use shades of blush dark clay or closer to chocolate. And in order to give the shades a natural look, apply powder on top of them.

Correctly applying blush should be as follows: fold your lips into a tube, as a fish does when breathing, you will see how dimples have formed on your cheeks. In the place where dimples appeared, apply dark blush a little more than everywhere

In addition to the above methods, you can get rid of the cheeks by performing a series of exercises. They are useful for the face as a whole, because over the years the cheeks sag and the face loses its elasticity. Therefore, your task is to make these muscles work, thereby improving blood flow and strengthening the muscles of the face. Perform these exercises regularly and the effect will not take long.

1. Inflate and relax your cheeks (do it 10-20 times).

2. Fist the brushes and rest your chin on them. Your hands create chin resistance, while he himself seeks to stretch forward.

3. Inject as much air as possible into your mouth or replace it with water. Roll air or water in your mouth from one corner of your cheek to another, then up and down. In this rhythm, work for 30 seconds.

4. Also do the previous exercise using the language, the score remains the same - half a minute.

5. Squeeze and unclench your teeth, while your mouth should be closed - 10 times.

6. The facial lines of wrinkles in the mouth can be smoothed out as follows: draw air into your mouth and get rid of it as quickly as possible by blowing. Do this exercise 20 times.

7. Take turns inflating one cheek or the other.

8. Rotate your tongue with your mouth closed in different directions in a circle.

9. Make lips either with a tube or with the shape of a fish’s lips and utter sounds: continuously “u”, “o”, and then alternately and quickly two sounds together - “O”, “U”, “O”, “U” and etc.

10. Pull the jaw forward as far as possible and simultaneously strain the neck muscles in this position, count to three, fuh, now you can relax!

11. Lower the corners of the lips (closed) as low as possible and tighten the neck muscles.

Such seemingly light exercises will make your cheeks less puffy, neck muscles are tightened. Performing them regularly, you can permanently keep your face youthful.

Facial Slimming Tips

To get rid of extra pounds, you can go to the gym, ride a bike or sign up for group sports. However, there seems to be no special activity aimed at the face.

If you want your face to look thinner and more elegant, try the following tips.

Eat Less Calories

To make your face thin, you need to stop eating fatty, sweet and fried foods, which we like so much, but, unfortunately, are harmful to our health.

The secret is to burn more calories than you consume.

Instead of fast food or bad snacks, we recommend a diet high in fiber, because then you can better absorb calories and burn fat that has accumulated on the cheeks and chin.

Get rid of extra pounds

If you have an unnaturally round face, most likely your weight is also far from the norm.

If you get rid of extra pounds in other parts of the case, you will also begin to notice changes on the face: the cheekbones will become more expressive, and the skin on the chin, which you do not like, will tighten and stop sagging.

That is why you definitely need to buy a subscription to the gym or start playing sports at home. You can not only make your face thinner, but also slimmer belly, legs and arms.

You will look great!

Drink plenty of water

This is the best way to get rid of toxins and fats that accumulate on the face. If you also reduce the intake of salt (or foods high in sodium), the body will be able to remove waste that does not bring him any benefit.

In addition to all this, the consumption of large amounts of water also contributes to the health, youth and beauty of the skin.

Your face will look thinner and more attractive. If you don’t like drinking water separately, you can try replacing it with fresh juices or herbal teas (try diuretic herbs such as dandelion or horsetail).

Try to be as active as possible

Physical activity is an incredibly important component of weight loss. However, do not forget that during weight loss, at first, the result may not be noticeable on the face, since calories and fat are first burned in other parts.

However, do not lose hope, because at a certain stage in losing weight, you will notice that the neck and chin have become more distinct and shaped.

We advise you not only to enroll in the gym, but also to be as active as possible, even if you have to sit at work all day.

  • Drive around the city on a bicycle.
  • Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • Get busy with everyday activities, walking or cycling.
  • Get up from the table every hour and move.

Walking, cycling and jogging in the park are amazing, simple and moderate exercises that you should start with. Later, you can add complex exercises to your sports or exercise more than days a week.

Do yourself a massage

Who said that the face of time sometimes does not deserve a good massage? It can promote relaxation or weight loss. Start by tingling lightly along the line of the chin (bottom to top to the earlobes).

Then massage your cheeks in a circular motion. Let your mouth be barely open and your jaw relaxed so you can draw your whole face.

There is another option for chin massage, where fat often accumulates and the skin sags. Apply a little almond oil to your fingers and gently massage your skin. This method will avoid its irritation.

Face Slimming Exercises

Exercises on the face do not require much effort and are actually very funny. You can perform them at any time during the day, taking the opportunity to laugh a little in front of the mirror.

Forget about stress, worries and problems. Very soon you will be able to experience our tips and perform exercises aimed at losing weight.

  • Open your mouth as wide as possible, and then close it. Repeat exercise 10 times.
  • Open your mouth wide and close your eyes. Then close your mouth, and vice versa - open your eyes. Synchronously perform this sequence of motions at least 10 times.
  • Move your closed lips to either side of the face as many times as you can.
  • Gather air in your mouth, blowing your cheeks, hold it for a few seconds, then release it. Repeat exercise 10 times.
  • Make your face look as if you are going to kiss someone (holding your lips forward), and then smile without opening your mouth. Thanks to this exercise, the cheeks will move intensively. Repeat this at least 15 times.
  • Pull out your tongue and move it for about 1 minute.
  • Wrinkle your face as if you are sniffing something unpleasant, or just about to sneeze.

1. Face exercises

Gymnastics for the face helps to look better, fights against aging and makes muscles stronger Enhancing Facial Aesthetics with Muscle Retraining Exercises-A Review. .

Some studies say The effectiveness of facial exercises for facial rejuvenation: a systematic review. that regular exercises improve the tone of the facial muscles, which makes the face look thinner.

The main exercises are:

  • Puff out your cheeks - first both, then each in turn.
  • Gather lips to a point, and then, without unclenching them, move this “point” from side to side.
  • Grit your teeth and smile broadly. Hold your face in this position for a few seconds.

Gymnastics for the face makes facial muscles denser, making the face look younger. But for this, you need to engage in at least eight weeks of Effect of a Facial Muscle Exercise Device on Facial Rejuvenation twice a day. .

True, studies so far do not say anything about whether facial exercises help burn fat. But muscle tone will not hurt, and full energy muscles will make the face more toned.

2. Cardio every day

Most often, excess fat on the face is only a consequence of excess weight. Losing weight always affects all parts of the body, so if you lose weight, then the face will change.

Cardiotraining is an aerobic exercise in which the heart rate is significantly increased. And this is one of the most effective ways to lose weight: the role of cardio in weight loss has been confirmed by many studies of Effects of Aerobic Exercise Intensity on Abdominal and Thigh Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscle Attenuation in Overweight Women with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. . The more regular and intense you do, the more weight you lose A dose-response relation between aerobic exercise and visceral fat reduction: systematic review of clinical trials. .

In the fight against extra pounds, the main thing is constancy. 150-300 minutes of cardio per week is the norm that helps to lose weight. A day is only 20–40 minutes Effects of a High vs Moderate Volume of Aerobic Exercise on Adiposity Outcomes in Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial. .

Jogging, swimming, cycling and walking at a brisk pace are all cardio. Try to walk to work or overcome at least some part of the path without transport. Why is work better than back? Because then you will be in a hurry and begin to walk faster, and you will not stroll impressively.

3. Water, water and again water

No, you need to drink not eight glasses of water per day. There is no need to observe this norm, but thirst cannot be experienced. How to understand if you drink enough? Put a bottle or cup of water on the table and take a sip every time you want to chew something, you feel tired or uncomfortable. I want to drink further - drink.

Without the proper amount of fluid, you can’t lose weight.

If there is always enough fluid, then the body does not need to retain water. This means that there will be less edema, from which the face swells, Just add water. .

4. No alcohol

Any excess dose of alcohol can cause swelling on the face. And since everyone has a different reaction, some people even have a glass of wine at dinner is contraindicated.

Alcoholic beverages are full of calories, even more of them in snacks, so drinking is one of the reasons for an inconspicuous weight gain. Alcohol consumption and body weight: a systematic review. .

Keep yourself in control and do not lean on a drink if you want to see a slender face in the mirror.

5. Less simple carbohydrates

Nothing new: sugar, pastries, and cheap pasta are sources of empty calories. Little sense, a lot of fat.

After cleaning the raw materials in these products, no useful nutrients and fiber remain. And since there is no fiber, they are digested quickly, increasing blood sugar levels. Then it falls just as quickly, and this causes hunger. So, seizing it with candy, we only swing the swing: very quickly I want to take another High glycemic index foods, overeating, and obesity. .

There is not a single study that would reveal the effect of simple carbohydrates specifically on facial fat. But logic suggests that if you replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates, it will help to lose weight.

6. Full sleep

Those who sleep little gain weight. And vice versa.

We often “seize up” lack of sleep, which leads to the fact that excess weight settles on the cheeks. Acute partial sleep deprivation increases food intake in healthy men. . Lack of sleep increases the level of cortisol in the blood - this is a stress hormone. And one of the side effects of his presence in the body is weight gain Sleep loss results in an elevation of cortisol levels the next evening. .

Studies show that high levels of cortisol slow down metabolism, which is why calories are not processed, but stored as The glucocortico> fat.

But a full sleep helps to lose Relationship between sleep quality and quantity and weight loss in women participating in a weight-loss intervention trial. kilograms. The ideal goal is still eight hours of good rest.

7. Less salt

One of the signs that you eat too much salt is swelling, and they also appear on the face. Therefore, it looks swollen and swollen. Due to the excess salt in the body, water is retained, and excess fluid accumulates in the tissues. Increasing sodium intake from a previous low or high intake affects water, electrolyte and ac>.

It is impossible without salt: it is also harmful. But different snacks and convenience foods usually contain too much of it. Refuse canned food, chips and sausages - this will be enough Relative contributions of dietary sodium sources. to notice the difference. In a couple of weeks, the face will look thinner.

What to remember

It is impossible to make so that only a person has lost weight. Its appearance depends on the total body weight.

But to the usual weight loss recipes - cardio, a balanced diet, sleep mode - you can add a couple of chips specifically for the face:

  • Gymnastics for facial muscles to tone the face.
  • Refusal of excess salt to remove swelling.

Makeup that conceals round cheeks in a few minutes

Suppose you have a date for your dream tomorrow. Or an interview in the company of your dreams. Or just an important event. You want to look good, but cheeks, cheeks ...

How to get rid of full cheeks, as they say, on the run? Is atvisuals that can visually change the shape of the face.

To get started, stand in front of the mirror, remove the hair from the face and carefully examine it. Most likely, with full cheeks, your face is round. So, our task is to visually narrow it slightly so that the thick cheeks do not catch the eye.

Determine the ideal shape of your face that we will strive for. A universal rule works in makeup: dark seems less, and light seems to be bigger. Therefore, we will hide the fullness of the cheeks with the help of powder or foundation in dark shades.

Expert Advice:

“Before you start creativity, evaluate the condition of the skin. If it is dry, prefer a foundation. If oily, stop at the powder.

Apply a tone to your face following the pattern.

The tone with which you will reduce the cheeks should be slightly darker than the natural tone of the face, and it must be carefully shaded, otherwise instead of hiding the problem area, the ineptly applied makeup, on the contrary, will attract unnecessary attention to it. "

Olga Romanova, makeup artist.

Aligning the skin tone with powder or foundation, take a blush. A blush of a lighter shade should be applied to the upper part of the cheekbones, and a darker one below. The shade of blush depends on your color type: choose shades of dark clay or chocolate. However, anyone will do, depending on what color on your face will seem the most natural. One “but” is categorical for everyone - blush should be matte. You don’t want the already round cheeks to sparkle like balls on a Christmas tree?

It is very important to use a soft brush to make a smooth transition from the top of the cheekbones to the bottom. Make shading from cheeks to cheekbones - so the colors will fall more naturally. Apply a thin layer of powder on top. Voila! Your cheeks seem much smaller than originally.

You can enhance the effect with a hairstyle. In order to visually reduce the lower third of the face, you just need to increase the upper one, that is, choose a haircut whose silhouette expands upward. Прекрасно скроют всё, что нужно скрыть, острые пряди, зачёсанные вперёд. Если у вас длинные волосы, то хорошим решением станет каскадная стрижка или пышная, высокая укладка. А вот гладко зачёсывать волосы назад от лица не стоит – так вы лишь подчеркнёте полноту щёк.

Комментарий эксперта:

«Диет существует множество, подбирать подходящий для вас вариант лучше вместе с врачом. И совсем хорошо, если вы сможете изменить свое пищевое поведение.

Поделюсь своим опытом: пейте воду. When the body does not have enough water, it seeks to put it in reserve, and uses “reservoirs” for this in the cheeks and under the eyes. Eyes swam? Seek swollen cheeks? Drink water! Not juices, not mineral water, namely clean water, at least 2 liters per day. In a few days you will feel the difference. ”

To restore water balance, exclude salt and sugar from the diet, which accumulate water and store it in reserve in the area of ​​our long-suffering cheeks.

Try not to salt the food - and you quickly make sure that it does not become less tasty. But more useful - yes, and much more.

Everything said about salt is no less true for alcohol. Do without alcohol, salt and sugar - thanks not only to your cheeks, but also your heart, blood vessels, brain and nervous system.

What should be included in the diet? Fiber (fruits and vegetables) and calcium. The latter is better to use not in the form of fatty varieties of cheese, but in the form of cottage cheese, kefir and yogurt.

A deep breath, arms wider!

Very many, having decided to remove the excess volume, begin to look for exercises to lose weight on their cheeks - and they find it, although such exercises do not exist.

Fat really burns in the "furnace" of our muscles. But the largest muscles on the body are the muscles of the legs and muscles of the back. By straining the muscles of your face, you will burn only a couple of calories, and by straining your legs and back - several hundred. Therefore, against the cheeks, the same general exercises are effective that help to drive off the weight as a whole.

Supplement a healthy diet with physical activity. The recipe is simple: when a person consumes more calories than he spends, he gets fat, when the same amount - his weight remains in place, when less - he loses weight. There is no other way to lose weight and cannot be.

How to remove fat from your cheeks effortlessly

The result of using home remedies depends only on your perseverance. Alas, it is unstable and disappears as soon as you relax.

If you want a guaranteed result, pay attention to cosmetic and medical ways to remove thick cheeks. They help even in the most difficult cases, for example, when one cheek is thicker than the other.

It turns out that round cheeks have three different causes. That is why losing weight does not always help - in only one case out of three. However, first things first.

In order to get rid of large cheeks in this case, you need to lose weight or use drugs - lipolytics. They are introduced under the skin by mesotherapy and noticeably remove subcutaneous fat, exposing clear, sculptured cheekbones.

Reviewed by Natalia, 43 years old

“Fat cheeks have been my curse since childhood. I was never fat, on the contrary, and always seemed like a dandelion on a thin leg, as in a cartoon.

When I turned to Platinum for a consultation, I thought that nothing could be done. And the doctor suggested removing Bisha’s lumps, saying that this would help put his face in order.

The operation was performed under general anesthesia - it was possible under local anesthesia, but I am very afraid, and I have an extremely low pain threshold.

At first, of course, no changes were noticeable, but after three weeks my cheeks became much smaller, my cheekbones were higher, and in general I seem to be fifteen years younger and very happy. ”

If you inherited the round shape of the face, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons also learned to correct this situation.

In this case, to narrow the cheeks work ... with the chin! Nonsense? Not at all. An increase in the chin changes the proportions of the face, stretches it, and harmonizes the appearance.

Temporary correction of the chin is performed by the Radiesse filler, which completely resolves after 2 years.

A lifelong result is ensured by the installation of a permanent implant in the chin. At Platinum, we use Medpor implants, which are tightly fixed to the bone and have a porous structure. Such an implant does not move even upon impact and is very well “accustomed”. After a few months, it sprouts with blood vessels and merges with its own tissues of the face.

A Medpor chin implant was installed, and Bisha's lumps were partially removed. Surgeon - Iskornev Andrey.

Any of the listed methods gives a very good result, but the maximum effect is obtained when combining several procedures. For example, removing Bisha’s lumps and increasing the chin, we will change the proportions of the face and as a result we will get high cheekbones and a visually elongated face.

To enhance the effect, we recommend the use of Intemporel threads. This procedure makes the "thoroughbred" retraction of the cheeks even more noticeable, it will give the face a young and expressive look. Hi Angelina!

For all its apparent simplicity, surgery is the subtlest work. In each case, individual. After all, it is necessary to remove exactly so much fat in order to preserve the flowering appearance and not make the face exhausted. And do not touch the facial nerves or salivary glands.

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