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25 ideas on how to make a cool Halloween pumpkin


On the night of October 31 to November 1, one of the oldest holidays in the world is celebrated - Halloween. This ancient Celtic celebration has an interesting history, original traditions and amusing paraphernalia. The festival in a strange way combines two traditions: the celebration of evil spirits and the worship of all saints.

In the United States, Europe and Canada, on this day it is customary to dress in the costumes of evil spirits, arrange masquerades, light bonfires and build lamps from pumpkins. It is not surprising that at the approaches to the famous holiday, many people have a question: how to make a pumpkin for Halloween? Today we will try to give you comprehensive instructions regarding the manufacture of Jack-Lantern.

Why pumpkin?

Pumpkin is the main attribute of Halloween. On a ripe fruit, celebrants, as a rule, cut out sinister muzzles and insert a candle inside, constructing a kind of lantern. The obligation to make vegetable lamps originated in Ireland and the UK. Celtic monks (druids) made them from turnips, beets, swede and used to expel evil spirits.

Initially, this ritual had nothing to do with Halloween, but in the 19th century, North America made it the main tradition of this holiday. Only instead of these vegetables they began to use pumpkin, since it is it that symbolizes the time of harvest. The Americans named the pumpkin lamp Jack-O-Lantern and made it the official symbol of Halloween.

Jack Lantern - who is he?

Before you start making a pumpkin for Halloween, you should familiarize yourself with the legend of Jack Lantern, whose soul is still wandering in search of tranquility.

According to legend, Jack led the useless life of a lazy farmer, a drunkard and a thief. Running away once again with stolen goods from a crowd of angry peasants, he met the devil, who announced his death hour. But Jack did not want to die and asked the messenger of hell to postpone the death a little, offering in return to defame the sinless peasants.

The insidious contract was that the devil was to turn into a gold coin, which Jack would pay for stolen things. Then the coin will disappear, and peasants moved by greed will start a fight, trying to find out who stole it. The devil liked the idea of ​​Jack. He immediately turned into a gold coin and climbed into the thief's pocket.

But since the cross was the stolen item, the demon instantly lost its power. Jack released him on the condition that he did not take his soul to hell.

But when he died, his soul was not received either in paradise or in hell. Finding the way in pitch darkness, Jack asked the devil for a lantern, on which he threw him several smoldering embers. The thief built a lamp from a pumpkin, put coals in it and began to wander between heaven and earth in search of calm. And so Jack Lantern appeared, annually commemorated on the night of November 1.

Stencils and patterns for pumpkin heads

For pumpkin carving, the following templates will come in handy:

By the way, these ideas can be used in makeup.

Scary and Toothy Pumpkin Head

Ideal for small pumpkins. For him you will need a pumpkin, a small sharp knife, plastic vampire teeth and a pair of pins with round tips. The hole must be cut so large that the plastic teeth get in there. After that, they must be placed in the aperture and stick in the eye-pins.

Cut out the drawings. drill

An alternative way to create patterns (if you prefer them rather than faces) can be realized if you use a drill with drills of different diameters. In this case, at the stage of creating the drawing, outline the places where the pattern should be located and drill holes.

Small pumpkin candles

Pumpkins are usually used as light fixtures. But why not make an original candle out of a small fruit? To do this, you need to cut off the top (you can use a metal baking tin). After completing all the other steps, inside the peeled pumpkin you will need to insert the wick and pour it with molten wax. Until the wax has frozen, fix the wick in an upright position.

Use wax contrasting with pumpkin colors to get vibrant colors. The vegetable itself can be additionally decorated with rhinestones or painted.

Multi-colored pumpkins

This collection contains several options. Firstly, you can simply color the vegetables of your choice (for example, acrylics). You can also stick rhinestones or use markers.

Decorate with a garland

If you have some glue and a solid piece of garland with balls, then you can glue it to the pumpkin. To do this, glue the vegetable with glue and attach a garland to it in layers.

Take some confetti or create it yourself with a hole punch and bright paper. Smear the pumpkin with glue and sprinkle with the resulting circles. On top, you can make an additional layer of glue so that the confetti does not fly around.

Unicorn pumpkins

Of all the ideas presented, this is the most interesting and unusual (especially if you create a surprise for the girl). For it you will need a pumpkin, foamiran for ears, acrylic paints (you can take a balloon), polymer clay, glue and wooden skewers.

First, color the pumpkin and cut a twig. After that, glue the ears made of foamiran in advance. Twist the horn and stick a skewer into it, bake the structure (if the clay is baked). After that, stick the structure into the “forehead” of the unicorn. Make a mane of several sausages of polymer clay and also attach it to the creature’s head. Color your face.

Halloween costume

You or your child may appear as a charming pumpkin. In the first version presented, you will need only a large number of orange mesh, which can be collected by the type of skirt, make a green border and sew a terrible face.

Similarly, they acted for the second variation.

But the next suit is easy to turn into a man. To do this, you just need to replace the pack with red or green pants.

See even more holiday costumes in this article.

Pumpkin mask

To create one you will need colored cardboard, colored paper or paints and a thin rubber band. Cut out the mask using the pattern below. Cut the remaining parts out of colored paper or paint them. Make holes on the side, thread the rubber band.

Paper Pumpkins

To create such a paper pumpkin, you will need a template (available in the master class), thick decorative paper, glue gun and scissors. It will be enough here to cut out the base, glue it on the upper pieces and attach all the other elements.

Also paper, but the result is much more realistic. For such a pumpkin, you will need a ball, threads, a lot of newspaper pages, a primer and acrylic paints.

To begin, inflate the ball (not very tight), tie the tail and tie the threads to it (preferably twine) so that the ball can be divided into several sections. Tie the ends of the threads tightly at the opposite base. After that, start gluing strips to the base (more on this here). After applying all the layers and drying them, prime the product and leave to dry, then paint.

Fabric pumpkin

For her, take a bag of fabric and stuff it tightly. Then fasten the bundle of thread at one end and pull it out at the opposite. Spread the threads as in the papier-mâché workshop. You can use a stick as a tail.

Halloween felt kawaii pumpkin

And here is the guest post from Nastya. Anastasia is a very creative and versatile person - a needlewoman, layout designer, caring mother. And in each direction she brings a piece of herself, creating something new and magnificent. What wonderful toys she makes of wool and felt! How to optimize sites (and at the same time create designs)! Oh, about the role of a young mother and the combination of all this, I generally keep quiet.

So, I pass on the word to Anastasia herself, who will tell us how to make a pumpkin for Halloween with felt hands - a wonderful cute souvenir to relatives and friends on the Night of Floating Apples ^^ After all, who said that the pumpkin must be hard?

Hello dear readers of the blog. My name is Anastasia Kalashnikova, and I present to you this small workshop today. Halloween is coming soon, so I propose to sew from felt its symbol - a cute pumpkin. The toy consists of simple details, so it is perfect for creativity with children.

  • Orange, white and black felt,
  • Orange and white floss
  • Needle,
  • Scissors,
  • A little sintepon,
  • Black beads for the eyes,
  • Tape or magnet as desired

You can download the pattern HERE, this is how it looks:

Pumpkin making process

First of all, cut out all the necessary details from felt. According to the above pattern, the toy will turn out somewhere 5 * 5 centimeters.

By disappearing or a simple pencil, draw curved lines denoting pumpkin segments. Embroider them with a “back needle” stitch, I used two strands of light orange floss.

First line is ready

And on the flip side:

Now it's the peephole's turn. Place them in accordance with the pattern, just above the center line of the pumpkin torso. Then sew an overcast seam or “forward needle” seam.

Sew the stalk from the front.

My favorite moment: choosing the expression on the face of the toy. See how much changes when I just change the position of the eye-beads))

The muzzle is almost finished!)

You can embroider a mouth with black floss or cut out of felt. My toys are intended for children, so I do not use glue in their manufacture.

Well, the muzzle of the pumpkin is ready. On the back of the toy, I sew a pocket with a magnet, you can replace it with a tape if you wish.
Then sew both sides of the pumpkin with your favorite stitch. Do not forget to leave a hole for stuffing.

Fill with a little syntepon to give the toy volume.

Sew a hole and voila! Cute pumpkin is completely ready!

If you wish, you can sew the second half of the handle from the back:

Photo of a pumpkin and her friend owl ^^

If you liked my little master class, you can get acquainted with the rest of Halloween toys in the article “Crafts from felt for children for Halloween. Patterns and master classes. "

Creative inspiration to you!

How do you like a pumpkin?) Very cute in my opinion ^^ Share your impressions in the comments) And also read about other ideas of scary handmade jewelry.

I want to add from myself that I hope to meet Anastasia on my blog more than once. This concludes the post about Halloween pumpkins and we hope to see you here more than once.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva and Anastasia Kalashnikova

Preparatory stage: what you need to make a lantern and how to choose and process a pumpkin

There is a wide variety of professional carving tools.

But in order to make a pumpkin lantern yourself, at home, you need to stock up:

  • ordinary kitchen and office knife,
  • candle or flashlight
  • a spoon
  • felt-tip pen
  • alcohol
  • and cotton or sponge.

You should pay attention to the choice of pumpkin: a large pattern will look good on a large one, but for the first time it is more convenient to take a medium-sized pumpkin.

The color of the pumpkin can be any: bright and pale orange, yellow, white.

The procedure for making pumpkins for Halloween:

  1. Before creating a "masterpiece" you need to wash the fruit well, dry and degrease with alcohol and cotton wool.
  2. Next, a “hat” is carefully cut out, and the pulp is removed with a spoon. The better the pumpkin is cleaned and the thinner its walls become, the longer the festive lamp will last.
  3. Then we cut out the actual pattern. But first it is better to apply contours with a felt-tip pen.

A pattern or picture is drawn on a pumpkin, and then carefully cut with a thin kitchen or clerical knife. If you have a bit of talent as a draftsman, just draw by looking at examples. Otherwise, use templates.

Better cut the pumpkin in advanceso that she can dry well, 12 hours will be enough.

You can use as a backlight small candles or flashlight. As an option - wrap New Year's LED garland glass jar or just put a garland in a pumpkin.

We recommend piercing the lid in several places with an awl so that the heat from the candle does not fry the pumpkin.

The fantasy of carving masters is endless. Traditional occupation has become a real art. Cutting the most ordinary pumpkin is not very difficult, but a holiday for that and a holiday is to surprise, delight and inspire!

Simple masks - a classic solution

The most elementary drawing on a pumpkin is a mask or a mug, although here there are many ways to maintain originality.

Having completed all the stages of preparation for the future “Jack Lantern”, you should think about how the mask will look. She can be funny and funny, or truly instill fear and horror with her monstrous grin.

At the end of the material, we offer you several ready-made templates for pumpkin drawings, which can be opened in a new browser tab and downloaded. The finished drawing must be printed on a printer, make cuts along the edges, so that the ornament fits well on an uneven surface and fasten it with a scotch tape to the pumpkin.

If you cut through the details in the template by making a stencil, you can simply circle the desired contour with a felt-tip pen. Or you can leave the downloaded drawing as is and pierce the contours with a sharp awl or other tool.

But it’s much more interesting to connect your creative thinking and create a unique and unique “physiognomy”. Try handwriting on a piece of paper or offer to recreate your child.

Often, making masks, use geometric patterns.

The nose and eyes of the mug can have a triangular shape, and a grin - a zigzag shape. The complexity of this pattern lies in cutting corners.

In order not to spoil the work, gently pierce the peel with a thin knife and then make small cuts.

No need to turn the knife to cut a corner, it is better to remove the tool from the pumpkin and pierce the peel in a new direction of movement.

To make a kinder and prettier pumpkin mask, you just need to get rid of sharp corners, adding smooth lines. A grin will easily become a smile if, instead of triangular “fangs”, neat square “teeth” are cut out.

Eyes can be made round, using as a tool for smooth passage of lines a small penknife or cutter (can be found in art stores).

In addition to frightening humanoid masks, the carved faces of animals and fairy-tale creatures, for example, the mystical cat Hippo or Pokemon, look very interesting.

A pokemon without its sharp ears will be unrecognizable, so you can try and cut two wonderful “ears” from another pumpkin. In order for the “locators” to hold well and not fall off during noisy festivities and sabbaths of any “evil spirits”, you need to make cuts in the pumpkin and fix the “ears” with the help of toothpicks.

It’s not always that only Jack’s lantern is made from pumpkin. A simply cut-out mask without highlighting also looks colorful if the work is done subtly and skillfully.

Of course, such a pumpkin may well decorate the holiday in the daytime, but in the evening, “fiery heads” set on a reflective glossy surface look much more spectacular.

Choosing a bright orange pumpkin, you can make a great mask. The shapes on the pumpkin look spectacular, differing from the main body of the pumpkin in color and even in shade. For example, in order to get large white teeth, you need to clean the top layer of the peel and then make cuts of each tooth separately. It is very good to carry out such work with thin and sharp Thai knives.

The work performed by the following carving method does not require backlighting at all. In this case, pulp may not be pulled from the pumpkin. It is enough to work out the drawing with sharp tools with high quality, cutting out only the upper layers of the peel.

The desired effect is achieved due to different pressure forces and depths of cuts.

Since the hat is not cut off, the tail of the pumpkin can imitate the ugly nose of the old sorcerer.

Pumpkin Compositions

Of course, a lonely standing pumpkin head will look boring, even if it is very talented. Much more interesting are the composition of the lanterns.

Large and small pumpkins, set at different heights, decorated with branches and autumn leaves, will decorate any interior or photo zone on All Saints Day. An interesting idea is to put pumpkins on large shelves for flowers or fruits.

You can make compositions of several pumpkins of the type "one in one." In such works, a large pumpkin “villain head” is first cut out, and then small faces are placed in the slots of the “villain” jaws. Parts of the composition can be fixed using toothpicks or canapes.

Characters and Images

Halloween is the night on the eve of the day of all saints, at this time the boundary between the earthly world and the world of higher powers is erased. Accordingly, the spirit of the holiday is reflected in the work of masters of artistic carving on pumpkins.

There are lovely ghosts here, either alone, like Carlson, or in funny companies.

And ugly, fearsome and terrifying, bats, owls, spiders and other creatures with mystic power.

А куда же деться в этот праздник без ведьм, их магического зелья, черных котов и огнедышащих драконов?

Замечательно смотрятся композиции из тыкв в виде домиков ведьм. Windows, a door are cut out with a penknife, attics, verandas, a door are completed with the help of separate carved elements. The light in the windows reminds all halloween fans that many mysterious creatures do not sleep that night.

It should be noted that with the right skill, you can cut complex magic scenes with witching motifs, saturated with details, on a pumpkin for Halloween. We will show some below.

Headless Horseman ... Scary! Awful But how beautiful this image looks, carved on the main symbol of Halloween!

One of the most popular and successful films about sorcerers, magicians, sorcerers and the school of wizards is “Harry Potter”. Why not use the ideas from this movie to decorate pumpkins?

Traditionally often use motifs or heroes from comics or books. Fabulous and mystical is the character of Spider-Man. In addition, in the photo below, the entrance to a certain fiery hell. Perhaps this is the Fatal Cave in Mordor from the popular Tolkien book.

Fans of apple gadgets can make a pumpkin lantern with the emblem of their beloved iPhone for Halloween.

And the motives of death and the afterlife sound in Gothic works that will find their admirers.

Well, the very reminder of Halloween is noted on Jack's lanterns in the form of images of pumpkins, inscriptions and other festive and symbolism.

Staining technology

Often, when creating original works from pumpkins, coloring technology is used.

You can tint individual elements of the composition using conventional food colors or paints for Easter eggs.

And you can draw patterns with ordinary gouache or paint parts of the picture.

Attention! Careless strokes are easily removed with alcohol and cotton wool.

Pumpkin for Halloween made of paper - simple and original!

If carving technology seems too complicated and excessive, and you really want to decorate the interior for the holiday, then the ideal option would be to create paper pumpkin from papier-mâché.

In order to make a paper pumpkin with your own hands you will need:

  • paper (preferably colored),
  • balloon,
  • stationery glue,
  • threads
  • felt-tip pen
  • stationery knife,
  • LED flashlight.

It is necessary to tear the paper into small pieces, then inflate the ball and paste over it with several layers of paper. The topmost layer should not be too smeared with glue.

The finished paper ball is hung by a thread and left to dry for 10-12 hours. Once the paper pumpkin has dried, you can pierce the ball inside, make a small cut and carefully remove it.

If there is time, then it is possible to mold a foundation of more complex shape from plasticine. Then you have a chance to make not just a flashlight, but a real work of art.

You can also draw a mug on a paper pumpkin using a felt-tip pen or marker, then cut the resulting pattern with a thin clerical knife or small nail scissors.

By placing the LED flashlight inside, you can achieve a great resemblance of the paper props to Jack's real flashlight.

In no case should you put a candle inside such a lamp, the paper can easily ignite, and an unplanned “fire show” can occur. As it was written above, it is better to use LED garland.

Paper pumpkin is a great alternative to crafts made from real fruit.

It is almost weightless, easily attached to the ceiling. Candy parties or small surprises placed in papier-mâché pumpkin will delight guests of the party.

Despite the fact that Halloween came to us from the USA, it is widely celebrated in our country. This provides a unique opportunity to show imagination, discover creative abilities and just have a great time with close friends.

If you have not yet chosen a suitable image for the party, then we suggest you look at our materials. We tell how to create the image of a cat, a fairy witch.

You can watch the video on how to apply a beautiful vampire makeup or learn how to choose a costume for an elegant vampire.

Discover new talents and do not believe in prejudice!