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How to humiliate a person to tears?


A person can be offended more by word than by deed. Some people have to learn the art of humiliation on purpose.

It is not necessary to use swear words with a vulgar or vulgar context, it is enough to take into account the weaknesses of the “verbal duelist”, to correctly assess the situation.

To take revenge on a person beautifully, it is worth reading several books on psychology.

Ways to insult with smart phrases without a mat

Offend with clever words can be stronger than obscene. Correctly selected phrases will hit the weakest places of the person, the human psyche, self-esteem, exposing negative qualities to the show.

It is quite difficult to humiliate a person morally. The interlocutor must have the ability to express thoughts eloquently.

Knowing the basic elements of psychology, it will not be difficult to find a flaw in a person, and reading books will help in the selection of bright words.

Beautifully humiliate a person using phrases:

  1. I would like to talk to a smart person in this situation, so move away from me a little.
  2. I really want to offend you with a word, but nature made it a deed.
  3. You look generally simple, like a corner of the house. Moreover, this angle is dumb.
  4. It is difficult to talk with a person who can’t ……. (For example, drink tea without smacking), not like having any business with him.
  5. Where did such wonderful parents come from such a miracle as you?
  6. To surprise me, you just have to say at least something clever for tonight.
  7. It is amazing how a person degrades using only words.
  8. Young man, dim the brightness of your statements.

The clever expression gets greater efficiency, said in the presence of strangers of the opposite sex.

How to put in place a wrongdoer who insults

In life, unpleasant situations happen in which it is quite difficult to calm the offender.

To “avenge” an opponent with the word qualitatively and correctly, it is possible to take into account several points that will affect the bully.

Note! You can stop an insulting person through psychological tricks and techniques.

In order not to completely set a person against himself, it is impossible to show that the insult has strongly hooked, affected the personality.

The answer to the offender should carry a maximum of information that characterizes the personality and way of life from an inactive side.

It is enough to identify the weaknesses of a person. Using psychological tricks, you can easily cope with the situation, leaving the “victory” for yourself.

Put in place a person who insults:

Abusive Response MethodsPsychological features of the correct answer to the offender
Insult in responseOffensive language is a quick and desirable response to aggressive human behavior.

A similar answer is possible in 3 cases:

  • The insult will be relevant and witty in accordance with the attack.
  • In the case of an answer to a well-known person: family, friends, acquaintances.
  • The insult sounds funny, it helps to smooth out the conflict, without heating up the situation to the limit.

Strangers may not always respond adequately, go to physical violence, drag out a dispute Reply with a jokeThe joke should concern the situation itself, provoked by an outsider to insulting statements.

Such a technique should remove tension, help put you in a good light, and will not lower you to primitivism in the thinking of the offender IgnoringThis option is ideal if the insult came from a loved one.

Such a statement is a criticism of your behavior, actions, which is expressed by incorrectly chosen words Reveal the secret intentions of the opponentKnowing exactly about the hostility to your person, who offended you, you need to identify his motives.

Using simple phrases, you should try to convey to others information that reveals a bad person with an ugly idea of ​​people Remind your opponent about laws How to respond beautifully and culturally

You can get away from a more serious conflict that may arise on the basis of an initial insult, having learned to beautifully fight back.

It is important to be able to culturally respond to unpleasant statements, hints, words of another person.

You can use smart sayings and phrases, but if the opponent is in the same social category with you.

Otherwise, the offender may react aggressively, believing that he is exposed as a fool.

Cleverly answer the offender so that he shuts up:

  1. Sorry, this is all you wanted to say, or you have a few more “witty” statements in stock.
  2. I had a more pleasant impression of you than now.
  3. Rudeness does not suit you. If you want to stand out among others, then read a few books.
  4. Do you want to hear a polite response to your statements or the truth about yourself?
  5. Why are you trying to look worse and bad manners than you really are.
  6. It seems to me that today you are just having a bad day, so you are trying to throw out all the negativity to others. Do not be discouraged - tomorrow will be better than yesterday.
  7. Do you want to offend me by exposing your bad manners to the forefront? Not the best option!
  8. It’s not necessary to talk so rudely with me. I was not going to attack you with fists.

In the case when you try to call the offender an ugly word, the quarrel will surely drag on and may come to a fight.

The causes leading to a protracted conflict are immediately eliminated after cultural clarification of the relationship.

Rude words, expressions and adjectives for humiliation, insult, to disgrace, put a person in place: list

In general, there are lots of options for how to humiliate the boor, using sharp phrases.

Ideas for insult:

  • To reduce male potency. There are enough options, you just need to hint at a weak potency and connect it with the brain.
  • Indicate insolvency. People who earn a little react very painfully to the fact that they are pointed to small incomes.
  • Show ignorance. Well, here you can pin up a relatively low level of education. Show that a person speaks incorrectly and makes mistakes.

Options to offend a person:

  • You are a spiritual impotent
  • You can't even make matches
  • You are not able to buy yourself dinner

Rude words, expressions and adjectives for humiliation, insult, to disgrace, put a person in place: list

Clever words and cool phrases to shut up, morally humiliate, call, offend, insult a girl, woman

Offend a woman by pointing out flaws in her appearance. There is no need to say that she is ugly. You can hint at it. Hidden subtext always degrades more than direct words.

  • I would offend you, but I think the mirror offends you every day
  • It happens that there is no mind, but God did not bestow beauty
  • When God created you, apparently instead of a rib heel used

You can also hint a woman at her not quite the right way of life. It will be very useful for a husband or lover's lover.

  • Connect with someone like you - disgrace yourself
  • Beauty you lost 20 more men back
  • You are a shame for parents
  • Yes, no man standing in your direction will look
  • Who needs you? Only a lazy man didn’t hang out with you
  • You are a man's bedding

Clever words and cool phrases to shut up, morally humiliate, call, offend, insult a girl, woman

How to beautifully and competently send a guy, a man?

Young and beautiful girls often encounter rudeness and very intrusive flirting. Some men do not understand the word no.

  • Do you want to go to me or to yourself? Then let's do this: you are to yourself, and I am to you
  • Do you want to spend? Well, you can keep me company and go to the leather dispensary
  • Do you want to meet me? Do you know what to do if an epilepsy attack occurs?
  • Ready to go with me to the ends of the world? Well, go, it's free there
  • Do you want to meet? You can chat with my boyfriend first

How to beautifully and competently send a guy, a man?

How to cleverly upset, close your mouth, make a person shut up?

There are many options to besiege a person without using fists and swear words.

  • Did you happen to be afraid of Babai as a child?
  • Oh, apparently you don’t know that it’s better to be friends with me?
  • You need to lead a special column that goes to ...
  • If you don’t call me today, then I will call, but not for you
  • I am interested in the opinions of those I ask. I didn’t ask you
  • If you want to be rude, go to the trash can, talk to the dogs
  • To go crazy, you need his presence
  • Do not touch my virtues with your flaws

How to cleverly upset, close your mouth, make a person shut up?

How to insult a person to tears?

If someone has poured on you or does this all the time, do not be discouraged. Pay the offender with his coin.

  • When God created men, you were the last in line. Mind did not get
  • If you were a decent man, your wife would be happy
  • No, you are not a woman, but a thing for frequent rental
  • You have not yet taken place in the womb, so you cannot be strong

How to insult a person to tears?

How to culturally and politely send a person?

If you do not want to send obscenities, you can simply make sure that the person does not want to communicate with you.

  • Say yeah, of course. Do not keep up the conversation
  • Try to translate the topic into an uninteresting channel for the interlocutor
  • Another good trick is to talk only about yourself and constantly interrupt your partner

How to culturally and politely send a person?

Say he's stupid, stupid smart?

You can answer with quotes from famous people. There is no need to humiliate or insult. It is enough to correctly bring a person to what he says is wrong. Below are quotes from famous people.

Say he's stupid, stupid smart?

Say he's stupid, stupid smart?

Say he's stupid, stupid smart?

Say he's stupid, stupid smart?

Say he's stupid, stupid smart?

How to replace mats with smart words?

Here are some options to do without swear words:

Instead: THESE P .... GIFTS!

Instead: WHAT Nakh .... DIFFERENCE!
It must be said: THE DIFFERENCE IS NOT BASIC ...

Instead: P ... HERE!
We must say: Oops, a small collapse came out ...

Instead: Went to X ... .Y!
It must be said: PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB ME!

Instead: FOR ... BALI!
I must say: Sorry, BUT YOU ARE TOO FUN!

Instead: WHAT FOR X .... JUN ?!

Instead: BL ... D!
It must be said: EMOTIONS FILL ME!

Instead: RASP ....

How to replace mats with smart words?

If you know psychology well and own a decent vocabulary, then there will be no need to use fists. Everything can be solved by conversation.

VIDEO: Cheating without a mat

This article contains expressions, quotes and phrases for responding to insults, without a mat, funny and in rhyme. These quotes will answer the question - how to humiliate a person without a mat, with clever words and at the same time do it beautifully. Terms of use: use these phrases for self-defense purposes only! : =) not for humiliation, so to speak - to send a person culturally and politely ... So the first phrase on the list is: I don’t scare you, I’m not a mirror. (short and clear), so let's continue ...

  • To shock me very much, you will certainly have to say something very smart.
  • Do you know that a person can be very offended by words? Well, and I can do business ...
  • I would hurt you very much ... but nature has done everything for me a very long time ago.
  • Tell me please ... Do you really think you're right in this situation?
  • Are you on vk (vkontakte)? Not! In the MF.
  • Hey dude! Reduce the brightness!
  • Who are you? And I know - you're nobody.
  • I correctly explained to you that I do not intend to have business with you!
  • Looking at you, I begin to understand that nothing human is alien to God.
  • You are as simple as a corner of the house ...
  • Your stinging mockery calls into question our further communication ...
  • Do you know how to trick a friend? Especially if he’s your best friend. Here’s a way: start your conversation with words - Recently, my best friend came to see me ...
  • This insult will be the last in your life ...
  • Just do not take out the headphones from your ears. God forbid you freeze the brain inside.
  • Do not try to verbally hurt me - I am beyond your insults!
  • Have you decided to besiege me? And didn’t forget to save before that?
  • Why don't you do the salvation of nature? I have a friend surgeon who can sterilize you.
  • Pity humiliates a person, because I won’t feel sorry for you, well, you understand)))
  • Very smart do not offend - they act ...
  • You, like a meme - are cool from the beginning, and then enrage ...
  • For guys, insults without a mat are not insults, so try better, I'll wait!
  • It is insulting to tears, but you are not the person with whom I will communicate!
  • I can shut up a person without insult - culturally, simply not noticing his arrivals and forgetting about his existence!
  • If you do this again, then this time you will remember for a long time ...
  • Why are you so (so) not smart (smart) ...
  • Mind like a shell, a memory like a goldfish.
  • Fade, or it’s fluffed ...
  • To tease a guy, I make him jealous ... But the way you don’t ...
  • With you, every time, as if hugging a toilet ...
  • You Zin run into rudeness!)))
  • I bet you were conceived for an argument! (With humor!)
  • You remind me of the ocean ... I am also sick of you.
  • You are like a suitcase without a handle ...
  • Who will marry her! Suicide is out of fashion now.
  • You make-up a la Valuev ...
  • I do not need clever words to humiliate you, I am above this, remember this once and for all!
  • What words are you trying to talk to me with? Where did you get them? In the trash?
  • The only thing you can think of is to make ashes out of a cigarette.
  • You could be in the Kunstkamera even in life!
  • If idiots could fly, then your whole family would have to live at the airport.
  • So you played a movie Shrek?
  • If your wings have grown behind you - don’t croak!
  • Apparently ... you dropped, a stork along the way ... Then you can add - And more than once, and not two!
  • I know how to respond to rudeness with dignity and dignity, I need to say - “Sorry, I'm allergic to your rubbish”, and then add “So ... and what did you stop at?”
  • One more such hunchbacked word and you will move jerkily all your life.
  • You do the right thing when you giggle, don’t laugh with your teeth!
  • That's where these come from? You, like from another planet, where the main slogan is stupidity and again stupidity.
  • How funny ... Ha ha, you are a real troll ... Well done! And by the way, but you look like him)))
  • You can continue to say offensive words to me, but know that I still love you!
  • Do you think that if you speak clever phrases to me, then from this you yourself become smarter?
  • It’s not difficult to humiliate a person morally, in words, but I am above this!
  • Teeth are not hair, fly out - you will not catch.
  • Here is the boor! Where are you bred of these ?!
  • Do not know how beautiful it is to send a person? The answer is simple - invite him to lead a column of people who amicably go to ...
  • So he took and wanted to ruin my day? You can't do it.
  • A beautiful answer to the question - how to answer an insult - is beautiful, phrases: A stapler is crying on someone’s lips.
  • You have rudeness in your tongue and head, but where have you been raised?
  • Know that hidden mockery is the height of cynicism ...
  • Apparently the presence of a brain is not an indicator of the presence of mind ...
  • What do you think? But by the way ... Thinking is not about you ...
  • Well, have you sharpened the ax of your stupidity?
  • No manicure, no conscience!
  • I do not like boors, why do I need competitors?
  • Why do you have to swear with me, because this is a bad omen!
  • How to send you? intelligent or honest?
  • No, of course, thank you very much for the good advice, but do not align everyone on their own.

  • Do not be afraid, I will not beat you. Nowadays, you can receive a term for abusive treatment of animals.
  • Do you know how dangerous a humiliated person is? Not? I'll show you now!
  • How beautiful and easy it was on the street until you appeared)
  • Oh what is that? is this a joke? understand, go on ...
  • Go get the hedgehogs, local peacock.
  • You fall under a hot hand - fly away under a hot foot
  • You do not know how to call a person to shut up? Here you get it - Dry up and crumble herbarium! Chur call only this way, and not otherwise - respect each other, do not lose face!
  • Cognition does not exalt a person, but humiliates him in the eyes of others ...
  • Do not know how to touch a person with words? Just tell him the truth!
  • If your wings have grown behind you - don’t croak!
  • You just think very badly about people if you think that they are equal to you.
  • You are like a cat in May, shit and hide ...
  • Cool you open your mouth so))) Ahhh, you say that!))))
  • Yes ... Sarcasm is not about you ...
  • Why did you get that I scare you? Am I a mirror or something?
  • If I enjoyed talking with ... I would have had a dog for a long time.
  • I got up and got out of here, otherwise I will help you ...
  • If moronism was a deadly disease, then you would have been buried as a child.
  • You go make-up a la Valuev.
  • Gentleman, do not poke your conversation, but engage in a direct duty - graze the sheep.
  • All the people sent to us are our reflection, but in my case the reflection was from a crooked mirror ...
  • Such jokes are bad with me! Figure it out!
  • I would know that you are so ... I would not know you!
  • The cultural answer is that you could and should be in the kunstkamera during your life and quickly!
  • How much I live on planet earth, but I have never seen such shots ...
  • Every day I believe in the power of the human person, but apparently you do not belong to personalities ...
  • Тебя наверно мама в детстве мало обнимала, поэтому ты такой злой? Иди ко мне я тебя обниму…
  • Грубость и тупость — это синоним тебя…
  • Doing the right thing is giggling. They don’t laugh with your teeth!
  • Offensive words - a strong person does not notice! Understand that…
  • Siege the dude's bazaar ... I'll show you all the handouts now ...
  • Speak, speak ... I always yawn when I'm interested.
  • You don’t joke like that anymore, otherwise I’m laughing ...
  • Yes, what day do I have today?) Some idiots and idiots come across ...
  • It’s not difficult for me to humiliate a person morally, but here’s the question. Do you really want it?
  • Well, tell me about your view of this sinful world ...
  • Why growl, forgot how to talk?
  • You had to wear a red blouse. To the color of your eyes.
  • I would send you, but I see - you are from there! The ideal answer to the question is how to send a person without a mat and not humiliating!
  • You can’t offend me culturally! But to throw you out of my life - it is possible!
  • Didn’t you frighten the woman in your childhood?
  • I do not know what you eat at breakfast, but it really works, intelligence tends to zero!
  • Have you specially wet your blouse (shirt) under your armpits?
  • You are an amazing person alone - not everyone can say that ...)))
  • I look are you literate? so I am you now ...

Themes of the collection: how to respond to rudeness intelligently, sayings for self-defense, sayings for witty polemics, aphorisms for debate, quotes from conversations, rhyming phrases, how to humiliate a person without a mat, with clever words or abstruse phrases to shut up a person. The phrases given in the compilation are suitable for answering the boor's insults. Now you know how to troll a friend into VK or Minecraft!

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Unfortunately, the modern world that surrounds each of us cannot be called a completely safe place, although wild animals have long ceased to hunt humans, and the environment is still not so polluted as to constitute a danger in principle. But here our society provides a huge amount of psychological dangers, because it is so easy and simple to run into rudeness, rudeness, disrespect and anger even where you do not expect this at all. Therefore, it is very important to always be fully equipped and have an idea of ​​how to humiliate a person morally with words, without resorting to brute physical force. It is quite possible and this is what will be discussed.

Try not to get angry, and not get involved in a skirmish: how to insult a person without a mat with clever words

The emergence of a conflict, wherever it appears, for example, at work, at home, or maybe just in public transport, is always stressful. Even the most persistent and impenetrable people suffer from it, although they do not consider it necessary to demonstrate their own emotions. First of all, if you wouldn’t like to go to the nasty offender in your ear, refrain from such drastic measures, otherwise you don’t have to rattle the police for a long time, and then you also have to pay a fine for what you purposely provoked. There is even such a type of people who are looking for a suitable “victim”, bring it to white-hot, and then, after writing a statement to law enforcement agencies, they demand material compensation.

Of course, when asked how to insult a person to tears, there is an answer - put a flashlight under his eye. However, it is worthwhile to understand that you should never give up, because this is fraught with responsibility under the law. Just learn how to beautifully sew offenders right away, cut them off, and save your fists for sporting events.

  • First of all, before you ask yourself how to call a person to tears, it is worth trying to resolve the issue without humiliating it, this is the best solution for any conflict. Try to admonish the insolent, and start insulting only when he simply does not understand any reasonable words, or wants to understand.
  • The manifestation of physical aggression against the offender will also bring you a feeling of dissatisfaction and depression, will spoil your mood and condition for a long time, this is another reason to refuse violence.
  • Wondering how to offend a person with obscene language? Refuse from the idea for the longest possible time, respond to all kinds of offensive obscene words with clever and well-weighted words, and then you definitely won’t face the dirt. Show dignity and wisdom, and you will see how much others will appreciate you. And he himself will later be pleased to think that you did not sink to the mat and massacre.

Insults and how to respond to them: how to punish the person who offended you

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To begin with, even before you figure out how to insult a person intelligently, without mats and assault, you need to finally understand the definitions. Indeed, what are insults, how can they be distinguished from a bit of inappropriate irony or sarcastic remarks, which we often jokingly exchange with friends and friends.

By definition, an insult is a deliberate infliction of offense, when the self-conceit of a person is completely neglected, his dignity and honor are humiliated. Most often, insults are inflicted in a rude and rather cynical form. In most cases, physical actions against another person, for example, slapping, spitting, shouting and waving fists under the opponent’s nose, can be classified as real insults, and not reacting to them is not only impossible, but even impossible, for others like They say it was not good.

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Modern psychology generally believes that mutual insults will not lead to good, however, there are times when an answer is not only possible, but even necessary. Therefore, renowned psychologists recommend how to offend a person with words, without completely using any kind of mate, much less physical strength, for which you can be held accountable. First of all, you must somehow find out why the insolent attacked you with his accusations, and only then go on the attack. Moreover, you need to understand that the stock of well-aimed phrases on the verge of a foul, clever distortions and erroneous logical conclusions on this subject should be prepared in advance.

The correct and correct reaction to insults is very important:

  • Never and never should you take the offensive words of your opponent seriously and think about it. Everyone in a dispute or quarrel is trying to prick or pinch harder, and often does not even realize that he operates with concepts that can be touched only in exceptional cases.
  • Consider the fact that your offender may not be at all angry at all, and you just fell under the hot hand, as they say. In addition, the bad education of someone else is not your problem at all, because if you succeed, you can simply pass by, giving the strange, raging little man a contemptuous look.
  • Nervous patients can also explode for no reason, and if, for example, an overly emotional work colleague throws something unflattering at you at the boss’s “carpet”, you might just regret it and not start developing a plan take revenge on the man who humiliated you.
  • If you do not have the strength to hold on, it is worth considering that all the insults that have been expressed have absolutely nothing to do with you specifically.

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Another useful tip is to better understand how to respond if the boss or a more senior colleague acts as the offender. Everything is simple, to the point of disgrace, in such skirmishes, and even more so in fights, you cannot enter under pain of the death penalty. Of course, if you decide that this is the last straw that overflowed the cup, you should think about how to intelligently insult a person of such a plan, but be prepared that you will not need to go to work tomorrow. In general, everything is simple: if you want to work further - keep silent, do not have such a desire - say everything that you think on this issue.

True answers to various accusations: how to correctly insult a person and not lose face

It is clear that often criticism and even swearing contains in itself some kind of rational kernel, which is impossible, and not necessary, to disown. It is always worthwhile to analyze the words thrown at you in anger, and only then respond. So your answers will be more capacious, and, therefore, weighty. Let your opponent drool and rage, you never need it, the utmost peace of mind and a sober mind, that’s what will help the winner to get out of a quarrel.

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If you are accused and insulted in a case, you should first plead guilty. It would be optimal to say something in the manner: “Of course, everything is so, however ...” Believe me, this alone can already put the screamer into a complete dead end and confuse him. You can start the argument with words, in the manner of “And what, in fact, do you propose?”, This is an effective measure that can even flatter a person and the conflict will be completely settled. If the critic is right, but only to some extent, it is worth pointing out to him carefully, without a mat and a raised tone.

If criticism of you is completely unfair, then you need to repulse the full program, and you should start with clarifying questions, which can be very diverse. Do not hesitate to ask questions, they can finally put an end to the time, most importantly, to know which and when.

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  • Ask factual questions, they always make you talk about specific facts, incidents, cases, actions and so on. The offender will have to think if you tell him: “So give an example!” Or “How do you say, then it was?”, “Are you sure that it was (I did something) it was me?” And so on. If you do not answer, that's all, you definitely won. Keep bending your line? Scroll around the audience with a long look, “Well, you all saw it yourself!” And silently go about your business.
  • Do not be afraid to ask a variety of clarifying questions that can discourage the enemy. You may ask something, in the manner of: “Why is it that you are so interested in?” Or “What do you have to do with this?”
  • “Help” your offender to express everything he wants, so you

    How to humiliate a handsome guy?

    Human psychology is so arranged that even one daring word can cause a strong offense.

    At the same time, it is not at all necessary that this was an obscene word, you can humiliate, insult, besiege, put into place cultural words. That's just not everyone can do it.

    Often, unpleasant situations arise between a girl and a guy - a quarrel, a misunderstanding, and sometimes a fight with insults.

    In the latter case, it’s worth using several tricks to humiliate and insult the offender with clever words so that he would not raise his hand in the future.

    Note! The worst and most unpleasant thing that a man can do in relation to a girl, a woman is to raise his hand.

    In these situations, it is worth it to hit the most painful place, and this should be done morally. Guys are strongly offended by phrases using the word "impotent."

    The table shows the qualities that are considered holy for a guy.

    If you want to take revenge on the offender, then in correspondence or in words you can use phrases mentioning these qualities in a bad light:

    Manhood, strength. Guys react painfully to phrases that mention their sexual abilities.

    A girl can morally offend and humiliate a person with phrases that contain the word "impotent"You are a moral impotent! Only impotent can offend a woman! You are impotent not in your pants, but in your soul! (Or maybe both there and there!) If you want to offend the pride of a guy, then during a conversation you can offend his status and solvency.

    This will be especially unpleasant for those who have really low incomes or have no work.

    Since ancient times, it was believed that a man is a getter, therefore, the inability to have wealth is considered the most powerful humiliationYou are the disgrace of your parents and their ruin! You are not able to independently provide yourself even with toilet paper! Behind your insolence you hide your own failure! If you want to cruelly besiege the offender with cultural words, then you can pick up phrases.

    In which the emphasis will be on the stupidity and recklessness of the guy, even if he is well-educated and has a higher education.

    With the help of them, girls can firmly put in place a person without a matYou did not take place either as a person or as a man! Unlike mine, your dignity has fallen to the bottom! You are an immoral, weak and wretched person! All your words are helpless attempts to prove something! I'm sorry to look at you! I would offend you, but nature has already done it for me!

    How to insult a woman without a mat?

    Sometimes women themselves beg for humiliation and insults. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to answer obscenities with obscenities; Phrases will sound insulting and unpleasant, even worse than swear words.

    Women are sensitive to criticism of appearance. It is important to choose words correctly and beautifully, you do not need to call directly: you are scary, you are ugly, but they will help to delicately understand this.

    For a girl, phrases with a hint of an ugly appearance will be insulting and unpleasant:

    • When God created women, he decided to save on you!
    • I would offend you, but just advise you to look in the mirror!
    • Your words are the helpless barking of a dirty cur!
    • Surprisingly, she is not rich in intelligence and has not come out with a face!
    • It's a pity to spit on such a face!

    You can take revenge on a woman in another way.

    Strongly hurt phrases that mention excessive popularity in men:

    • Yes, there’s nowhere to put a sample on you!
    • You have already given all your dignity to strangers!
    • You are the shame of your father and your mother’s tears!
    • You are a quality men's bedding!
    • All your life is the maintenance of sugar from the owner!
    • Not a single normal man will even look in your direction!
    • All your attraction ended 10 more men back!
    • Contacting you - dishonoring yourself!

    Phrases should indicate the flaws of the mind, they should expose it as a fool in front of everyone.

    Consider several suitable options:

    • If you were smart, then you would have a decent man! ”
    • Men do not leave smart women!
    • Look at you, and at first glance it seems that you are a fool! And then you look and for sure - a fool is a fool!

    How to culturally send a person?

    Sometimes there are times when you want to culturally send a stranger who takes out with his uninteresting and empty conversations.

    However, one does not have to answer sharply right away, this can greatly offend the interlocutor, it can be done with cultural words without a mat.

    Important! If you do not want to offend a person, then you can patiently continue to listen to his conversation and delve into every word in order to somehow support him.

    But this unpleasant situation can be resolved carefully, accurately, without humiliation and insults.

    Learn some simple tricks:

      During a conversation try to ask questions that relate to another topic, so you can transfer the conversation to another interesting channel.

    If the interlocutor still continues to speak on a topic that is not of interest to you, ask him questions in a sharper tone, but you should not go over to aggression.

  • Humor and laughter will be able to give the conversation a different turn. Use jokes, sarcasm, the whole spectrum of humor, so you can quickly slip off your annoying conversation and finish it.
  • When talking try to say the same short phrase - "Yeah," "Really," "Mmm," "I see," Well, "and so on.

    Or you can just be silent. As soon as the interlocutor understands that you are not interested in the conversation, he will shut up and go looking for a “new victim”.

    Smart curses

    A person can easily be offended by clever words. In phrases there may be a hint of illness, lack, weakness, appearance, status and other important qualities.

    They should be used if the offender offended for no reason, insulted, or even raised his hand.

    Consider smart phrases without a mat:

    • Doing the right thing is giggling. They don’t laugh with your teeth!
    • You fall under a hot hand - fly away under a hot foot
    • Teeth are not hair, fly out - you will not catch.
    • You remind me of the ocean ... I am also sick of you.
    • I probably need to look like a sucker to fit you.
    • No need to feel sorry for him, he does not get sick, this is his usual appearance.
    • Yes, beauty is clearly not your dignity.
    • Would send you, but apparently you have already been there.
    • A positive Rhesus factor is probably the only "plus" in the list of your merits.
    • It’s not scary, I didn’t remember your name either.
    • My strength is not to listen to your insanity.
    • Are you always so stupid, or is it a special occasion today?
    • As an outsider, what do you think of the human race?
    • I would like to hit you in the teeth, but why should I improve your appearance?
    • At least there is one positive thing in your body. It is not as scary as your face!
    • The brain is not everything. And in your case, he’s nothing!
    • Be careful not to let the brain get into your head!
    • I like you. They say I have a disgusting taste, but I love you.
    • Have your parents ever asked you to run away from home?
    • If I had a face like yours. I would sue my parents!
    • Do not be upset. Many people have no talent either!
    • Do not be offended, but do you have something to work to spread ignorance?
    • Keep talking, someday you will still be able to say something smart!

    Чтобы послать обидчика не обязательно использовать мат и оскорбления, это можно сделать умными словами.

    Умные фразы и культурные слова смогут нанести обиду похуже ненормативной лексики.

    Они могут касаться внешности, здоровья, статуса, обеспеченности человека. Главное нужно преподнести все красиво и правильно, чтобы обидчик замолчал.