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Can a tampon get stuck so deeply that it cannot be felt or felt?


Hygienic tampons are a modern and very convenient means of hygiene during menstruation.

Unlike panty liners, they are not felt inside the body, are not visible from the outside, no matter what tight clothes you wear. With them you can go in for sports, sunbathe on the beach, dance and generally lead a familiar lifestyle.

Many are afraid to use tampons because of fears. They believe that the swab may be stuck inside or it will be difficult to remove. Could this happen? And what if the swab is stuck?

Can a tampon stay inside a woman?

A tampon can slip out in very rare cases. Only if it is very saturated with secretions and becomes very slippery. This usually happens when going to the toilet.

But if the periods are not too plentiful or are already ending, then this is unlikely to happen.

In any case, the tampon is located within the vagina, the length of which is only 10 - 13 cm. The tampon cannot penetrate from it into the body - this is completely excluded.

All kinds of “scarecrows” that a tampon can penetrate the uterus are completely baseless. The opening of the cervix in size resembles a match head. It is revealed more widely only during childbirth and in no other case. And within a week or two after giving birth, it returns to its previous size.

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maybe call the Ministry of Emergencies let dastanut.

let the hook hook on a member

And what is laughing, I really had this with a condom, I broke it and didn’t feel it, they crammed it further away at the time of passion .. how to get it is a separate song, spent two days on holidays during this, we couldn’t pick it up

Well, why do you need an ultrasound? BUT? Yes, any gynecologist will get it for you once or twice.

Not. The tampon just fell out. If it is inside, then one way or another you can find it. On ultrasound, you can consider everything, and tampons, and all sorts of formations, and other garbage. We just went to the toilet, and it was already too saturated, well, and fell into the toilet. When he is inside, they would feel at least the edge of the thread, even his own. The cervix is ​​not dimensionless, it only stretches during childbirth, and it quickly closes again, after a few days so that you can’t shove anything voluminous into the uterus if you do not push it with special tools!

Well, if you have M, then it will not go anywhere, it will soak so much that it will come out. And so, it is hardly possible where he will fall, the vagina is not a meter long. even if you don’t grope yourself, but you’ll definitely find the cord))

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3, so the condom is thin, and then it will not go further than the cervix, and it’s not possible to get into the vagina right away, but you can! And yes, any gynecologist will get that inappropriate from the vagina and so on.

No, he can not. The length of the vagina is 10-12cm. sit on your stupid zappa, bend your knees and pull it to your ears, put your fingers in the vagina to the bottom and rummage there pretty well.

No, he can not. The length of the vagina is 10-12cm. sit on your stupid zappa, bend your knees and pull it to your ears, put your fingers in the vagina to the bottom and rummage there pretty well.

let's get my tongue out

No, he can not. The length of the vagina is 10-12cm. sit on your stupid zappa, bend your knees and pull it to your ears, put your fingers in the vagina to the bottom and rummage there pretty well.

Che, author, swab stuck in the glands?))))))))))))))

I'm a gynecologist, no, I can’t.

Thanks everyone for the answers! And those who wrote with nothing to do, too!)

)))))))))) cry)))))))))
but in general thanks for the topic)))
I went to the toilet at work - I smell it, it's time to change the tampon. I came, but it is NOT. Well, I put a new one). And I’m hitting myself - suddenly he was there, just crammed deeply (I do not remember point-blank from the morning after the shower slipped or forgot)), and I pushed him to the others even further)). Well, you reassured))) There are none of them there ..))

And also Avtorsha, a normal maiden needs enough muscle tension and the tampon will pop out like a cork from a bottle - if it is saturated.
Well, or sneeze at worst :)

And also Avtorsha, a normal maiden needs enough muscle tension and the tampon will pop out like a cork from a bottle - if it is saturated.
Well, or sneeze at worst :)

The guest is also Avtorsha, a normal maiden needs enough muscle tension and the swab will pop out like a cork from a bottle - if it is saturated.
Well, or sneeze at worst :)
Yes, just like a cork.
if far, nothing will pop out, never. have to get it.

Do not stick your hand deeply - you will not pull it out later.

he certainly cannot fall into the cervix, the hole is too small, and he has nowhere else to go. Maybe he's in the anus? Just put on the New Year's booze in the wrong place?

Well, what kind of melon should be so that the tampon is lost there? you are surprised.

There is nothing to laugh. I recently had such a case! fell heavily into the water, he thought flew out, together with her husband they were looking for a thread, could not be found, to the touch too. and he got stuck there and sat there for a whole week, then he had to be treated for 2 weeks. so it can! and there’s nothing to ask any idiots, running to the doctor!

literally today, "found" a tampon that poisoned my life (and lived in me for almost a month), brown discharge and smell like a foul bow .. squat and strain muscles (but not vaginal, but anal. that is, when if you want, but not how.) gradually stick a finger into the vagina and "bump" on the swab. The vaginal muscles contract and push it out.

literally today, "found" a tampon that poisoned my life (and lived in me for almost a month), brown discharge and smell like a foul bow .. squat and strain muscles (but not vaginal, but anal. that is, when if you want, but not how.) gradually stick a finger into the vagina and "bump" on the swab. The vaginal muscles contract and push it out.
Katya, what happened to you after that? Not treated, nothing? He probably rotted there. I just happened too and now I don’t know what to do, I'm afraid because the smell is terrible.

No, he can not. The length of the vagina is 10-12cm. sit on your stupid zappa, bend your knees and pull it to your ears, put your fingers in the vagina to the bottom and rummage there pretty well.

I wouldn’t speak so confidently for everyone! The body of everyone is individual and a tampon can really enter deeply, when I encountered a similar problem, I also thought that it was not possible, but after reading on the Internet I found out that some girls even insert 2 tampons at the same time. you shouldn’t panic such a non-standard situation, be calm and gently squeeze clean with your hands clean, but it’s better not immediately after a month! if the girls in the previous reviews wrote that there was a month, then this is definitely very bad and the gynecog just need to run!

Girls, I don’t have such a funny situation. Yesterday menstruation went in the afternoon, I put in a tampon. (My husband’s birthday) in the evening before going to the cafe I changed again. when I returned home at night I pulled out the second one (I was drunk) and I don’t remember if I put the third one in. I didn’t find it in the morning, but the periods do not go. when I tried everything according to your advice. I put my finger in to get it ... but it wasn’t a pleasant color, but they don’t go that way. I wonder if he is there at all?

Ha. It would be funny if it were not so sad. But how can you wear it for a month and feel nothing? Is that possible?!

. I thought the only one. Well, I don’t remember if the swab was pulled out, and I don’t feel it, I TAKEN THERE WELL GOOD, BUT alas, a thread is groped, but I can’t manage to grasp it. She even shoveled the trash, and he is there an infection. But doubts don't calm down, and suddenly not this one!

literally today, "found" a tampon that poisoned my life (and lived in me for almost a month), brown discharge and smell like a foul bow .. squat and strain muscles (but not vaginal, but anal. that is, when if you want, but not how.) gradually stick a finger into the vagina and "bump" on the swab. The vaginal muscles contract and push it out.

Katya, what happened to you after that? Not treated, nothing? He probably rotted there. I just happened too and now I don’t know what to do, I'm afraid because the smell is terrible.

Girls. here I read and remember. that already like 2 years ago I had such a situation: I just could not find a swab that I put in my vagina in the morning. I was a little scared, but somehow I thought that maybe the truth somehow flew out by myself. and now I have periods with some other smell and it’s just a smell that’s somehow unpleasant, even for no reason. probably a very stupid question, but still somehow inconvenient to ask the doctor, is it possible that the tampon is still there? or is it some kind of nonsense ?? as if I understand that it’s probably impossible but still ask for an opinion

So forgetful to use tampons is contraindicated. stupid fools

If there are specialists, or can anyone come across something like this, tell me, pzhl, can the tampon get stuck so deeply that it is not felt and is not groped and can it be examined on an ultrasound?

I got a tampon stuck what to do my husband raped,

Terrible story. I had a tampon in me for a year, no less. I don’t know how I'm still alive. She was sick a few months ago, had temperature, and she had a period. Went to change. There is no swab. Panic, all covered himself, not him. Well, I think I didn’t. And life went on. Then I was at a standard appointment with a gynecologist - I didn’t notice anything. There was sex, the menstrual cycle and well-being - everything is in order. And today I went to the toilet and pulled out a tampon, sorry for the details, but apparently in pus. I am in shock. Actually, it was a year in me, I still had to go on ultrasound (I live in work in several countries, sometimes I don’t go to doctors, now there’s a flight in five hours, don’t judge strictly, I scored doctors, but when I arrived in designated place - I'll go). Take care of yourself, I don’t know how it happened to me

So forgetful to use tampons is contraindicated. ***** *****

I can’t rzhu well, and advisers, or maybe he says, drunk, he shoved hahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

What kind of piz.dets, how can a tampon go there?))) Here is the rzhaka :))) how can you not notice it, it comes in tightly and the thread sticks out. Explain to me, I can’t imagine. And how can one forget it at all. about the swab? ))))) it is located close to the walls. This is some kind of absurdity

Tell me, can a gynecologist see nothing to see? I put it yesterday, then I wanted to change it and then I see that it is not there, I wanted to pull it out but could not find it. And today I already went to the hospital, they told me that there was nothing there. Is it worth it to do an ultrasound?

The same situation happened to me a week ago, the tampon was lost for 5 days, I did not even suspect its existence inside. What is most interesting, according to my current estimates, I lost it on Monday, he left on Friday himself, and on Wednesday I was on a planned ultrasound. So this very ultrasound did not show any foreign body in me. So I don’t know what research to believe in))

I tell:
I have been using tampons for 10 years already, I have never forgotten anything, I would consider stories of this kind to be idle talk.
And so, I wake up yesterday and see that my legs are in the blood. I run to the toilet to change the swab. But he is not there !! I’m looking for a long and hard - definitely not!
Deciding that he just fell out during sleep, inserted a new one. She returned to the bedroom, rummaged everything, raised her husband to his feet, we are looking for a tampon all together. Not found.
I'm back in the toilet, a new search inside myself is empty. Question: where did the swab go ?! The husband laughs that I just forgot to insert it at night. But this cannot be !! The first days, the whole bed would be dirty! Or. and really forgot to insert.
Has changed 2 tampons new already, all is well. But something all torments me inside, this question does not let go. I don’t forget about the tampon ***** at night !! That's impossible!
Having read the advice, I went just in case to “push into the bathroom”, stuffed my finger as far as ever. And I feel a swab. Picked up with her nails, pulled out.
HOW IT turned out to be there ?! I don’t understand ever, my husband didn’t pester me, how could he turn around 90 degrees and still go up there just during sleep ?! Yes, and the rope rolled there too! AS?!
So far I go for the first time in 10 years with gaskets, I will buy candles just in case for prevention.
I probably won’t refuse to use tampons, although now I have seriously thought about a menstrual cup.
Girls, be more attentive and trust yourself! And everything will be fine with you. :)

The main causes of stuck

  • You just forgot to remove the last used swab at the end of your period
  • You have chosen the wrong size of tampons, because of which the tampon is not completely saturated, it is dry and it becomes more difficult to remove
  • You introduced a new swab, forgetting to get the previous one, and thus pushing it deeper into the second swab
  • You forgot about the swab and had sex without removing it. In this case, the swab may also be "rammed" deep into the vagina
  • You accidentally pushed the thread with the swab inward and cannot be felt outside
  • Tampons turned out to be of poor quality and the thread came off

In all these cases, there is absolutely nothing to panic about. If the swab is stuck inside, you just need to know how to get it. This is not a problem and will take a couple of minutes.

How to get a swab without thread

First, squat down or on the toilet and just try to push.

It is possible that already from this action the tampon will slip out or at least appear outside. Then it can be gently picked up and pulled out. You don’t need to push very hard or long.

With rope

If the swab is stuck inside and you do not feel its movement, it means that it is too dry and you need to get it with your hands.

  1. Wash your hands well with soap. If this is not possible, treat with antibacterial wipes or gel. It is good if you have at hand chlorhexidine or miramistin. You can wipe your hands with these antiseptics.
  2. Then try to grope a threadby gently inserting a finger into the vagina. She may be quite nearby. Just don't push the tampon even deeper.

Without rope

If the swab is stuck without a rope or it is difficult to find, then try to pull it out yourself:

  1. Carefully insert your finger into the vagina and examine the walls with your finger.
  2. Having found the swab, move your finger behind it and push it to the exit. As if you were getting a berry out of a bottle with a narrow neck.
  3. If the vagina is too dry, getting a swab can be problematic, in which case you can lubricate your fingers with special intimate lubricant (lubricant) or sea buckthorn oil.

Be careful with long nails. It is better to cut them or consult a doctor for removing a tampon. The main thing is not to stick fingers with long sharp nails into the vagina. The mucous membrane is easy to scratch, especially since there are not many nerve endings in the depths of the vagina, and you may not feel that you have hooked the delicate wall with your fingernail.

If you still can not cope and do not know how to remove the swab, consult a doctor within 24 hours. Do not be shy. A gynecologist will not be surprised at all if you say: “I can’t take out a swab.” He will solve the problem in a few seconds, and it does not hurt at all.

How to play safe

  • Strict hygiene during menstruation. Change swabs every 4 to 8 hours, not forgetting this procedure. Over time, this habit will achieve automatism and a situation in which you could forget about a tampon will simply not arise.
  • Never insert a thread after the swab into the vagina. Some girls worry that the thread will be noticed by someone. For example, peeps out from under a swimsuit on the beach. But it’s not worth it then to look for a swab in the vagina, possibly with dirty hands in the conditions of the same beach. Remember, you run the risk of getting an infection. The thread can be positioned along the labia, stretching the entire length.
  • Use high-quality swabs, such as “O.b.”, “Tampax”, “Cotex”. Good tampons are extremely difficult to tear off the thread, it is sewn along the entire length of the tampon. In addition, usually the surface of such tampons is specially treated so that they slide easily.
  • Before introduction, straighten the rope along its entire length and check its strength by holding the tampon in one hand and pulling the thread with the other.
  • Insert the swab correctly, at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and as deep as possible. That is, if you insert the swab without the applicator with your finger, then your finger should completely go into the vagina. A correctly inserted swab is not absolutely felt and does not cause any discomfort. Some are afraid to insert the swab deeply out of fear of then not getting it. But here it is the other way round: the insufficiently inserted tampon is located inside the vagina in the wrong position, can interfere with movements, deform, fold, unfold horizontally, which then can interfere with its removal.
  • Never use tampons while you do not have your period. For example, when you only expect them. This is not only unhygienic, but can also cause tampon removal difficulties.
  • Do not use the tampon for longer than it should be, even if it has not yet been soaked. It is impossible that the secretions, which are a favorable environment for microbes, remain inside the body for such a long time.

Also pick up tampons of the right degree of absorption. They differ in the number of droplets and the names:

  • “Mini” or “lites” for minimal discharge. They are used in the first or last days of menstruation or if blood is released quite a bit.
  • “Normal” or “regular” is used by most women throughout their period
  • “Super” - for heavy discharge, for example, on the day when your period is especially strong
  • «Super plus» — для тех случаев, когда «super» не достаточно, при очень обильных месячных.

If you are just starting to use tampons, start with the smallest or “normal” ones, insuring yourself for the first time with a pad.

In the future, you will determine how long the swab is completely saturated with secretions. This time should be between 4 and 6 hours. If you have to change the tampon earlier than after 4 hours, you need to take larger tampons. And if after 4 hours the tampon is completely dry, you need tampons with less absorption.

It is important to choose the right swabs for reasons of hygiene and because it is much more difficult to get a dry swab, and this can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

What will happen if you do not pull out on time

If you take out a tampon within 6-8 hours after the introduction, it will not have any unpleasant consequences.

In a situation in which the tampon has remained inside the body for a long time, a doctor’s consultation and a smear on the flora may be necessary. This can happen if you forget about it and find it only by the odor that has appeared.

The smell appears due to putrefactive processes. They occur in a swab that decomposes inside the body. Such processes can seriously upset the balance of the vaginal microflora. In particular, this situation is dangerous if you already have some problems: colpitis, bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis. Therefore, in these cases, the use of tampons is generally not recommended.

What do the doctor's say

Most doctors have nothing against tampons. Even virginity does not prevent the use of tampons. Contrary to common fears, hymen cannot be accidentally damaged by a swab. But there are a number of situations in which the use of tampons is unacceptable according to doctors:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system. For any infection, you need to start treatment as soon as possible, and at this time replace the tampons with pads
  • time after childbirth. The first 2 weeks after birth, the use of tampons is completely excluded. In the future, a single use of tampons is possible, but it is worth remembering that for about three months after giving birth, women are at risk for the development of Toxic Shock Syndrome (STS). This is a staphylococcal or streptococcal infection, which in extremely rare cases develops with the use of tampons.

And of course, any doctor will advise you not to use tampons if you regularly forget to change it and leave it inside for more than 6-8 hours. In this situation, tampons from a convenient and safe hygiene product turn into a potential source of infections and diseases of the genitourinary sphere.

If you follow basic hygiene, the use of tampons will add a significant share of comfort on the days of menstruation. Fears are not a reason to deprive yourself of convenience. If the swab is stuck inside, just remove it using our instructions. You will see that it is not at all difficult. But if for some reason you can’t or are afraid to do it yourself, in no case do not wait, consult a doctor.

Can a tampon stay inside a woman

Maybe in some cases, for example:

  • You forgot to take it out. They are not felt when they are inside a woman, so there are cases when a woman simply forgets to pull it out. But under the influence of body temperature, it will begin to decompose, and you will smell an unpleasant odor. It must be immediately removed, and also go to the gynecologist to check the vaginal microflora.
  • You inserted two tampons: first one, then you forgot to take it out and inserted the other. In this case, the first goes deep to the cervix, and subsequently there may be problems with its extraction. The woman will forget about the first one that she inserted, and he will remain in the vagina.
  • The thread came off and a tampon stuck. In this case, remove it with your fingers, while straining the muscles of the vagina, or consult a gynecologist.

But, despite the fact that a hygiene product can remain inside a woman only through her fault or the fault of the manufacturer of the product, many are afraid that he will be lost in the body. Such fears arise due to the lack of sexual education. The depth of the vagina is 10-12 centimeters. The vagina is an enclosed space from which the swab cannot enter the stomach or other parts of the body. Therefore, this fear is not justified by anything.

Possible Causes of Jams

Problems with extracting this hygiene product are as follows:

  • Poor product. Not all manufacturers care about the quality of their products and do not realize that women's health depends on it. To avoid such situations, do not buy too cheap products. Prefer more well-known brands such as O.b., Kotex and others.
  • Torn thread. The threads are firmly attached to the tampons, and it is quite difficult to tear them off in a quality product. Before you insert it, pull on this rope. If the product is defective, then the return thread will easily break.
  • Inappropriate size. In addition to the fact that everyone has a different vaginal size, everyone also has a different monthly intensity. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy tampons of the “super” volume if you have mild discharge. If the size is not selected correctly, pain may occur during extraction.
  • Misuse. This includes forgetfulness when you forget to remove the hygiene product, neglect of safety rules when you go with it for more than 6-8 hours, or rules of use when you do not straighten the thread before the introduction of the product.
  • Sexual intercourse. If you had sex with a hygiene product inside, then it is possible that you pushed it deep, which is why the tampon is stuck inside. In this case, you need to contact a gynecologist.

How to avoid a problem

In order not to get stuck, you must follow the rules of use and choose quality products. The rules for using tampons are as follows:

  • Always wash your hands before administering the product, so as not to cause infection. The vaginal microflora is very sensitive, so it is easy to break.
  • Straighten the thread and check its strength so that it does not come off during use.
  • Insert your index finger into the recess where the thread comes from.
  • Insert it as deep as possible into the vagina. Some are afraid to stick it too deep, but you cannot do it. On the contrary, if you place it when exiting the vagina, it will interfere with you and there will be leaks. Therefore, insert it deeper, and then it itself will be placed where necessary.
  • If you did everything right, then you will not feel it inside.
  • Change swabs every 4–8 hours depending on the amount of discharge.
  • Contact your gynecologist if you can’t do it on your own and don’t know what to do if a swab is stuck.
  • Do not change the product too often, wait until it is saturated. Frequent change is not necessary.
  • Choose the correct size so that there is no discomfort when removing the swab.

There is a widespread rumor that virgins should not use this hygiene product. But this is not so. Virgins just need to use smaller sizes so that there is no discomfort. A tampon cannot break hymen, because its break is a myth and outdated information. During the first sexual intercourse, the hymen does not burst, which means he has nothing to damage.

Possible consequences

If you forgot to remove the tampon, walk with it for too long, your thread is torn, and you are in no hurry to pull out the hygiene product, the following consequences will arise:

  • Bad smell. The product decomposes under the influence of body temperature, because of which there is an unpleasant smell of rot.
  • Violation of microflora. A rare change violates the microflora of the vagina, also due to decomposition, a part of the material will remain inside.
  • Painful sensations. If the swab is full, but you forgot about it, then discomfort is possible, the cause of the pain is the pressure of the overflowing cotton swab on the walls of the vagina.
  • Leaking. Blood can soak the product completely, and leaks will begin due to its untimely change.
  • Diseases Due to the decomposition process and the long presence of a blood-filled product in the vagina, infection or other diseases can develop.

The opinion of doctors

In this matter, focus on your convenience. Tampons will not harm you if you follow the rules of use. But do not use this hygiene product if:

  • You are allergic to the materials from which it is made. Although now almost all products are made of hypoallergenic materials.
  • You use local remedies, such as vaginal suppositories.
  • You have a disease of the genitourinary system.
  • Dry vagina is observed.
  • You have a tendency to develop toxic shock syndrome (STS). It is observed in all women within three months after childbirth.

Gynecologists are of the opinion that the tampon may be stuck due to the carelessness of a woman or the use of low-quality products. A serious consequence of using this method during menstruation is toxic shock syndrome. This is a rare serious disease that occurs due to the effects of staphylococcal fibers on the body. The disease affects women who use tampons during menstruation, but it is worth remembering that this disease is very rare.

It is impossible not to notice STH. The disease is accompanied by fever, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache. Shock and loss of consciousness are possible. Of particular risk are women who have recently given birth. The task of gynecologists to warn about this. If you experience any of the above symptoms, call an ambulance immediately.

The chances of getting sick are from 1 to 17 per 100,000 women with menstruation. The percentage is very small, but it is. The maximum risk group includes women under 30 years old. To avoid the disease, you need to regularly change the swab, observe hygiene and wash your hands before changing it.

Tampons are a convenient tool that many women use during menstruation. Now they are made from quality materials, but there are times when it remains in the vagina for a number of reasons. It is important to determine in time that the swab remained in the vagina. If you can’t remove it yourself, do not waste time and consult a gynecologist. The long presence of this hygiene product in the vagina spoils the microflora. Also, due to a rare change, the development of secondary school is possible. It is important to follow the rules of use, buy high-quality goods, check the thread for strength and change the hygiene product in time to avoid such situations.