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How to become a consultant


Vedomosti / Even three years ago, Gleb Arkhangelsky worked as an assistant chairman of the board in a St. Petersburg bank. Counting one of the projects (for growing champignons), he decided that he had enough. “I was bored, and I came to the chairman of the board to say goodbye,” recalls Arkhangelsky. - He says: “Do you not like mushrooms or our work with staff?” He said that mushrooms. Then he asks what is interesting to me. “Time management,” I answer. “Now Arkhangelsk is a time management consultant.

Not everyone can make up the necessary amount for a comfortable old age or procure for themselves a remarkable pension. But to earn intellectual capital in order to sell knowledge acquired by labor is a completely affordable way, and with insignificant investments.

“In the long run - perhaps closer to retirement - I would like to become a consultant,” says Igor Mann, marketing director of Alcatel’s Russian branch of the company. “I hope that by that time the requirements for consultants and their work style will change. Now those who are considered consultants are those who He says a lot of tedious things, writes thick reports and takes them for hourly work, not the result. As a result, we treat consultants as characters from a joke - in order to tell you how much time they will take your watch. A professional who has ten years of experience, for example, in marketing or sales, auditmozhet spend four hours, and the conclusion to -. for 15 minutes and, I think, right to work that way. "

According to Gleb Arkhangelsky, any thinking person can accumulate the necessary degree of expertise in time for work. “This is something that you should strive for in life - independence. Including internal - from the employer,” he says.

Different ways.

Six months before the conversation with the head, Arkhangelsky was carried away by taking personal time into account: he measured the time for performing his operations and built up tablets at Exel. Just then the bank taught management accounting courses, and it was interesting for Arkhangelsk to use this for personal purposes. "As soon as the chairman’s eyes lit up, I realized that my seemingly private interest was a product." This place is more detailed, "the boss reacted immediately. Then I started to talk, draw graphics. He got excited, he walked around the room saying that it’s very interesting for the bank, by the end of the quarter all the staff are staying up late, doing nothing well and so on. ", the consultant recalls.

Working with bank staff on time management was the first project of Arkhangelsk. While advising the bank, Arkhangelsk began to prepare his way out to consulting: he says that in 2000 there were only weak attempts in Russia to promote the idea of ​​time management. The first - true, free - customers, he found at forums on the Internet. But on the basis of the material received, Arkhangelsky was able to make cases for quotes in the business press, gained experience and recommendations. He also found a business partner on the Internet who began to connect him to his projects. Word of mouth worked.

St. Petersburg HR consultant Mikhail Khromov, speaking about the promotion of services by independent consultants, ironically compares him with the marketing of girls of easy virtue. “There are clients who like what I do, and they recommend me to others,” he explains. “I rarely find clients on my own, for this you need to attend professional parties, economic seminars and MBA alumni meetings. Where you can meet a leader. HR management workshops are less common - managers have little influence on the choice of CEO. "

Mikhail Khromov became a consultant by accident. A year ago, he began to look for new work, and a recruiting agency, which was simultaneously engaged in consulting, connected him to a large project. Khromov approached the team in his specialization. “At the hack, I thought I could do these things. Then there were a few more orders, and I decided to quit the company,” he says.

Short description

The main task of a business consultant is to recognize a problem in business and suggest ways to successfully overcome it in the form of specific solutions. Having studied the state of affairs in the organization, the specialist conducts a comprehensive analysis of the situation, finds out the causes of a particular problem and makes up a set of recommendations for solving it. Sometimes a business consultant takes a direct part in the implementation of the solutions proposed by him in order to clarify their effectiveness and adjust if necessary, bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

As a rule, business consultants specialize in a specific direction and are hired for specific purposes, for example, for:

  • company registration
  • market research
  • drawing up a business plan
  • preparation of an investment project,
  • certification of personnel
  • real estate valuation,
  • legal advice
  • performing an audit, etc.

The business consultant is designed to improve the state of the business, relations between partners, increase profits by optimizing business processes. A business consultant can work either as a specialist in a consulting company, or alone as an independent professional. But in the latter case, it should be a highly qualified specialist with extensive experience. Typically, independent business consultants provide services to small firms or on specific issues.

Business is the ability to make money

Profession Features

The functional responsibilities of a business consultant are as follows:

  • initial assessment of the state of business in the organization as a whole and in detail - by finance, labor and material resources, production and innovative potential,
  • identification of problems in business,
  • assessment of the development prospects of the organization,
  • analysis of the effectiveness of existing business projects,
  • development of recommendations for the economic and material and technical recovery of the organization - proposing specific actions, for example, raising loans, changing the ratio of assets and liabilities, income and expenses, organizational structure, increasing production volumes and expanding sales markets,
  • creation of new projects for the development of the company,
  • preparation of materials for creating a new business project,
  • preparation of a financial and economic substantiation of a new business plan and its preparation,
  • calculations of possible risks,
  • consultations on the terms of contracts, contracts, agreements, especially for large transactions,
  • conducting business trainings,
  • close cooperation with the management and managing staff of the company on all issues.

Business is an exciting game in which

maximum passion combined

with a minimum of rules.

Important qualities

  • Mind flexibility
  • creativity
  • ability to analyze and systematize a large amount of information
  • equilibrium
  • self-control
  • ability to make accurate, balanced and responsible decisions
  • ability to work independently with minimal control
  • accuracy and thoroughness in the work in the documentation
  • ability to find custom solutions
  • focus on results
  • persuasion
  • constant striving to improve professional skills
  • organization

Higher Education Business Advisers

A business consultant should have, first of all, a higher economic or legal education. The preferred areas are “Accounting and Auditing”, “Crisis Management”. In addition, additional education is required in the field of marketing, management, as well as at least 3 years of experience in a particular industry in manufacturing, services or trade in controlling positions.

Salary on 07.24.2019

Payment for the services of a business consultant depends on many factors: the volume of work performed and the object of the consultation (the size of the company), the level of professionalism, the representative of which company the specialist is (foreign or Russian). If a business consultant works independently, the experience of his work and fame in business circles are important. Depending on these factors, the salary of a business consultant can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Remuneration is usually hourly. Business consultants belong to the category of highly paid specialists whose salaries can range from 50 to 300 thousand dollars a year.

Career Steps and Prospects

A career can develop in both vertical and horizontal directions. When working in a consulting company, a career can be built from a simple specialist to the head of the direction. With independent work, mainly horizontal development occurs, that is, the development of new areas and areas of activity.

World famous business consultants

According to the rating of the consulting company Crainer and Dearlove, published in Forbes magazine, which is compiled in 2 years 1 time, the TOP-10 of the most influential business consultants in the world is as follows:

      1. Michael Porter is a professor at Harvard Business School, the author of industry analysis methods and business choice, as well as an expert on business competition and the competitive advantages of countries around the world.
      2. Clayton Christensen is a Harvard professor, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, a basic work on the theory of disruptive innovation.
      3. V. Kim Chan and Rene Moborn are two professors of the INSEAD business school from France, authors of the fundamental work “Blue Ocean Strategy” on creating their own market niche in a competitive environment.
      4. Don Tapscott is the author of the popular bestseller on the distribution of resources and labor, “Wikinomics: how mass collaboration changes everything.” In addition, he offers new ways to use the Internet to solve world problems.
      5. Marshall Goldsmith is a business coach, author of 30 books on business theory. There is the popular Marshall Goldsmith Library with its books downloaded about 9 million times. Goldsmith is the author of the staff assessment method “360 Degree Method”, which involves a comprehensive analysis of employees. The most famous books are “Leader of the Future” and “Mojo: How to Get It, Save It, and Return It If You Lost It.”

      The hardships of life.

      According to the consultants, as an independent, their income increased by 2–3 times, but their free time decreased noticeably. On average, work takes 12 hours a day, weekends were reduced to one day. “But I’m self-managing my time, unless, of course, I don’t pay attention to the fact that I have to get up at seven in the morning every day,” says Khromov. July there is a chance to be left without orders. This fear makes us take as many orders as there are. But the feeling that the number is finite remains. "

      Gleb Arkhangelsky received his first fee only after three months of free flight. Then he earned $ 200 in one day of work. A year later, he moved to Moscow, and recently organized his team. “The product in demand must inevitably grow to the firm,” he said. In an independent consultant mode, he received an average of $ 3,000 - 4,000 per month.

      The consultant’s long journey to the desired result is offset by minimal investment. “$ 1,000 - for the eyes!” Argues Arkhangelsky. Of these, he spent $ 500 on creating a site (which formed a community of time managers), the same amount on attributes related to his personal style - business cards, booklets, etc.

      “At first, the consultant does not need any office: it’s just extra nerves - the most important thing is money,” Arkhangelsky believes. “You just need to study the Civil Code - the intricacies of the work of an individual. The fact is that the consultant needs a license to conduct entrepreneurial activities. with teaching and copyright agreements for the sale of teaching methods. "

      Jan Virlov, Managing Director of the Moscow office of Dr. Pendl & dr PiswangerManagement Consulting, believes that a novice consultant needs to read a number of useful books and familiarize themselves with a consultant’s competency set: “You can get them at the Institute of Management Consultants, USA. There are documents in Russian at the Russian Association of Economics and Management Consultants (AKEU), as well as at Ukrainian Management Consulting Associations (UAMK). It’s also worth looking at professional sites such as Business Development and Corporate Management. But it’s best to start with an experienced consultant. "

      Consultant Michael Ferber believes that, entering the market, it is necessary to narrow down the spectrum of one's activities as accurately as possible. Actually, in this way, two years ago, he began to develop a new service - consulting consultants. Prior to that, he was engaged in ordinary consulting and found that the marketing mistakes he made were common to many consultants.

      According to Anna Belyakova, an expert methodologist at BKG, independent consultants usually do not go beyond a limited market segment. "As a rule, these trainings and seminars, niches related to personnel management and business planning. The truth, names that have become a brand can be invited by large companies regardless of cooperation," she says. According to BKG, the share held by private consultants in relation to large companies is gradually falling. Belyakova estimates it at 15 - 20% over the past year.

      Private consultants are more optimistic. According to Arkhangelsk, the demand for private consultants will grow, and not only due to lower fees. “Independents are more mobile, they can unearth a topic that a large company cannot reach,” he assures.

      A brief history of the emergence of the profession

      The profession of a business consultant arose relatively recently, at the beginning of the 20th century. But she received active development as a consulting service in the years 70-80 in Japan, the USA, and Europe.

      Business consulting, thanks to the development of its technology, can be carried out not only in reality, but also through the Internet, working with clients from other cities.

      View from the outside

      So, you decide to become a professional psychologist consultant. And which of you yourself had a consultation with a specialist? If you have never done this, make sure to go out and get a consultation, because you must have the client experience.

      This is a view from the other side, which will help you draw the right conclusions and correctly build your activities. If you have such an experience, you already imagine what help you can get. If the experience is negative, then you will know exactly how not to advise.

      Because all consultants are very different personalities, with different characters, and everyone can be wrong. But an outside view is very important, it is not in vain that kings, presidents and prime ministers always have advisers, those people who professionally help to quickly resolve issues.

      The demand for coaching

      In general, the field of counseling in our country is still completely free. We learn a lot from foreign experts, watch their lectures, webinars and seminars. In America, this niche is very full.

      As David Traub, one of the leading coaches in the USA, told us, in America there are more than two hundred thousand certified coaches who consult constantly. An ordinary person knows one or two to whom he went, whom he had heard about.

      And in our country this niche is completely free, although each person has a very high need for individual counseling, everyone needs someone to help him look at himself from the outside, to solve the problem.

      Professional attitude

      It is important to understand that a friendly consultation in the kitchen is not at all what we want to teach you. There is a fundamental difference from what happens between friends and acquaintances, and when you do it professionally, you take money for it and thus give a person a guarantee of the result.

      Professional attitude is a different level of perception of what you say. Because from the side it is often very clearly visible that it actually hurts, that it needs to be treated, what step needs to be taken. And you give a friend advice, but most often you get negative feedback.

      Instead of accepting the recommendations and saying thanks, the person reacts negatively. A professional consultant works with those people who already want to change something.