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They found out all the secrets of taking care of a beloved one from a recognized beauty.

Irina Vasilyeva5 July 2018

Perfect skin, hair falling on the shoulders in a thick wave, an envious figure. Participants in beauty contests do not seem to be real women, but goddesses who descended from the heavens on the podium. You look at them and think: such people are surely taking care of themselves with the help of some unearthly means. But is it really so? And can an ordinary girl adopt the secrets of beauty of the owners of diamond crowns and titles?

The best model of the contest “Petersburg Beauty - 2017”, the top 20 “Miss Russia - 2018” Darina Abramova shared the secrets of personal care with

“At beauty contests, natural beauty has always been valued: long healthy hair, fresh skin, neat manicure and makeup,” says Darina. - To be at maximum, preparation for the competition begins in one and a half to two months. First of all, you need to put in order the metabolism. After all, the skin looks good only if everything is in order with the body. To do this, drink about two liters of water every day and do not forget to get enough sleep. ”

Scheduled Sleep

- It is important to go to bed before midnight, while always falling asleep and waking up at the same time. This gives a huge surge of strength and energy for the whole day. For example, I have two intervals for sleeping: 21: 00–07: 00 and 03: 00–11: 00.

- Replace cakes and other sweet desserts with natural sweets. Yes, you have to limit yourself to this. But I love sweets so much. But I found a way out: instead of cakes for tea, I take dates.

- Before going to bed, always wipe your face with micellar water so that the skin is clean and free of rashes.

- If a pimple appeared on the skin before an important event, it can be quickly removed. It is enough to apply a remedy for eye redness or tea tree oil with a cotton swab.

- Do not be afraid to use patches and ready-made masks that can be bought at any store. They are quickly applied, easily removed, provide the skin with radiance for two to three days. Personally, I really like the patches for the area under the eyes. I always take them with me and keep them in the refrigerator. In the morning they are simply irreplaceable. Face sweat fresh all day

- If one event ends late at night, and in the morning you need to be fully armed again at the next, use ice when washing. Just wipe your face with a cube along the massage lines.

All in moderation

“Makeup at the participants of beauty contests should be as natural as possible. And we do it for ourselves! I often crash even in transport - the schedule can be very busy, ”Darina admits. “So I have very few funds in my makeup bag.” I use powder only if I need to hide the oily sheen in the T-zone. ”

- Be very careful with makeup base. If you overdo it, your face begins to look like a mask.

- To mask bruises under the eyes, apply a tonal solution not only on them, but also on the bridge of the nose. Otherwise, a dark shadow will remain in the corner of the eye, and the view will still be tired. In such cases, I use white shadows.

- Tint the gaps between the eyelashes. An interesting effect can be achieved if the eyelashes are completely dyed in the middle of the lower eyelid and mascara is applied on the edges only at their ends. Such makeup visually opens the eyes and makes them larger, but not puppet-like.

Dry shampoo and avocado

- If you want to quickly add volume to the hairstyle, you can just comb the hair on a side part.

- Take on the invisible or transparent small rubber bands. It is imperceptible from the side, it allows you to perfectly fix the hair in the position that you need, and mask the cut ends. In addition, the elastic leaves no residue, and when you dissolve the hair, they remain exactly the same.

- Always carry dry shampoo with you. He helps out with a busy schedule and while traveling. The main thing is to apply it only to the roots, otherwise the hair will look unwashed.

- To prevent the ends of the hair from splitting, apply avocado oil on them.

Dry manicure

- To put your hands in order, you need to monitor them constantly: apply cream, do manicures. If you need to put yourself in order quite urgently, file your nails, apply any vegetable oil or Aevit (capsules with vitamins A and E in oil. - Note to the cuticle, and cream on all hands.

- Only dry nails need to be filed, otherwise they may begin to exfoliate.

- Be sure to use a glass nail file.

Gymnastics for legs

“Petersburg is a city where you can walk endlessly. During contests and working as a model, I got used to high-heeled shoes. A classic mid-stiletto boat is the best way to emphasize your figure and improve your posture. ”

- Walking is better to wear sneakers. Especially now the whole fashion industry is crazy about sports style. In the first half of the year alone, high-heeled shoe manufacturers reported a 30% drop in sales.

- If you have to go all day on heels, in the morning for five minutes you need to stretch your feet, and then apply a special powder. There are liners in all my shoes. And when you have to put on new shoes, I just glue the patch in advance.

- During the day, you can refresh your feet with a spray. If you can sit for a couple of minutes where no one sees me, do gymnastics: remove your shoes and rotate your feet in circles.

- If the next day you need to walk a lot, in the evening it is worth making a soothing foot bath or at least a contrast shower. Before going to bed for thirty minutes, keep your feet on a high pillow - this will help to avoid swelling.

Beautiful makeup step by step

Makeup should be applied only to clean skin. Pay attention to the constituents of cleaning agents! In no case should there be oil, it is very harmful.

The concealer conceals skin imperfections, evens out complexion. It can be chosen exactly to the color of your skin, a tone lighter or darker. Apply the cream on the face a little bit, not forgetting about the neck.

After that, we mask minor skin imperfections with a corrector. If you need to visually change some part of the face, then we use a bronzer (visually reduces) or a highlighter (focuses on the merits).

If the skin is prone to oiliness, use loose powder, you need to apply it with a special brush.

Eyebrows are of great importance for your appearance. They can be of different shapes and different densities.

If you have large and bright facial features, then it is better to leave eyebrows thicker and vice versa.

The basic rule - eyebrows must be well-groomed.

Give the eyebrows the width and shape with a simple white pencil. Gently shade all excess hairs, and then remove them with tweezers.

If you accidentally ruined something, at the final stage of applying makeup, correct the defect with a pencil or eyebrow shadows.

To emphasize the eyes, you must apply three components: eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner.

There is an enormous amount of shadow color. Choose the one that best suits your eye color.

Try, pick what suits you. For example, a beige-brown tone emphasizes blue eyes.

Owners of brown eyes can experiment with shades from lilac to violet shades.

And almost any shades will suit gray eyes, but it is better to take calm tones.

In no case do you need to choose a tone that matches the color of your eyes.

If you wear glasses or are the owner of large expressive eyes, emphasize them with dark shadows. Light shadows visually make the eyes larger.

For make-up for every day, choose shades of gentle, calm tones. And bright, shiny or very dark shadows are only suitable for evening makeup.

Classic mascara is black, it suits everyone and can be used for any occasion. But do not forget about its other shades.

Brown mascara blends wonderfully with blond hair. And for festive makeup, you can try mascara in bright colors.

Eyeliner is applied after the shadows. It is liquid and in the form of a pencil. For makeup for every day, choose calm tones of eyeliner, for a party - catchy and shining.

How to draw a neat beautiful arrow? You need to throw your head back and look directly in the mirror.

The skin on the eyelids straightens. The arrow must be drawn from the middle to the outer corner of the eye, then bring to the middle of the inner corner.

To make your face look fresher, use blush. They will highlight cheekbones. Tones of blush for everyday makeup also choose calm. For the evening, modeling blush will do, which will correct the shape of the face.

Lipstick is better to choose close to the tone of the blush. For evening makeup, you can choose it a few tones darker.

To make the lip contour more clear, use a special lip pencil in the color of lipstick.

We looked at how to make beautiful makeup at home. Now let's move on to the trends of 2017.

In 2017, makeup is relevant:

Natural beauty, elegance, tenderness. In everyday makeup, it is better to use neutral, calm tones.

Arrows remain common, but this time under the name “cat's eye”. Two shades of shadows can be added to them.

The Smokey Ice style is once again at the pinnacle of popularity. With this make-up, you will definitely not go unnoticed.

Lips must be emphasized, pay attention to them. But in this case, the shadows should be calm tones.

Makeup is a science in which the main thing is experience. It will be appropriate to add the proverb “patience and labor will grind everything”.

Learn, experiment and even on ordinary weekdays attract the eyes of acquaintances and casual passers-by! We hope our tips will help you with this.