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How to strengthen the muscles of the hands of women


Gymnastics requires good physical data. To become a gymnast, all the muscles in your body must be strong, dry and without fat. In particular, the strong muscles of the hands play an exceptional role for the compression force, balance and other mandatory skills of the gymnast. To bring your body into tone and increase its flexibility, you must perform a variety of exercises and stretching. However, there are exercises that will help you tighten your hand strength for gymnastics.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands with dumbbells

1. The exercise is the most elementary and simple. Standing feet shoulder width apart, a dumbbell in each hand. And alternately bend - unbend your arms. Thus, the biceps of the shoulder or biceps is strengthened. The number of repetitions is 20 times per arm.

2. Take a dumbbell in your right hand and the same flexion extension only with one hand. 15-20 repetitions. If you are just starting out, do as many repetitions as you can, without exceeding our norm. The biceps muscle of the shoulder also works.

3. Also, but the left hand works.

4. A slight torso forward with support on a table or sofa. Dumbbell in the right hand. The shoulder is fixed and motionless, flexion extension in the elbow joint. The triceps muscle of the shoulder works. The number of repetitions - 15-20 will be enough.

5. Also, but the left hand works.

6. Standing feet shoulder width apart. Dumbbells in the hands. At the same time flexion and extension of the arms. 15-20 repetitions. The biceps muscle of the shoulder works.

7. Standing feet shoulder width apart, arms down. Raise your arms to the sides at the same time, slowly without jerking. Heavy exercise. The number of repetitions is 5-10. In this exercise, we strengthen the deltoid muscle of the shoulder and trapezium.

8. Standing, feet shoulder width apart. Hands behind head with dumbbells. The shoulder is fixed and motionless. Flexion extension of the arms in the elbow joints. Up to 10 repetitions. Triceps or triceps muscle of the shoulder works.

9. Standing feet shoulder width apart. Dumbbells on outstretched arms. Tilts to the right to the left while lifting the opposite arm. In this exercise, not only the muscles of the hands, but also the muscles of the abdomen are oblique!

Such a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands can be performed with ease at home and in a fitness club. He does not take much time.

Strengthening the muscles of the hands when swimming

Another good way to strengthen the muscles of the hands is swimming and water aerobics. To strengthen the muscles of the hands during swimming, you can use special shoulder blades. And swim in various ways. A minimum pool to achieve the result must be visited 2 times a week.

At the lessons of water aerobics use special equipment, dumbbells. Also a very effective and good way to strengthen the muscles of the hands. In addition to dumbbells, they use noodles and gloves.

During swimming and in water aerobics classes, the arm muscles are strengthened due to the water resistance caused. This load is significantly different from the load received in the gym and with the help of exercises with dumbbells. The advantage of strengthening the muscles of the hands in the water is that the water, as it were, grinds and lengthens the muscles at the same time as strengthening. And if you notice the swimmers have muscles that are elongated, not inflated like those of weightlifters or wrestlers.

Push-ups and pull-ups

An old familiar method, but it is more suitable for strengthening the muscles of the hands of men. Women and girls are not always able to catch up on the horizontal bar or push themselves off the floor. In the exercise data, the load is due to lifting the weight of one's own body.

For women, a simplified option is suitable - push-ups from the couch. Two options can be used here. The first is push-ups with support on the sofa at the back and push-ups with support on the sofa in front.

A bit of anatomy

Target arm muscles requiring exposure to stress are biceps and triceps. These muscles are not very involved in everyday life. Not receiving a load, they acquire a jelly-like consistency. This applies to both men and women. If you work them out with the help of effective strength exercises, you can increase the amount of muscle mass, form a relief and get rid of both thick and too thin limbs. If you want to make the limbs smaller and thinner, you need to adhere to 5 other important recommendations.

Strength training is paramount in terms of effectiveness for the arms and shoulder. It must be remembered that in these exercises The shoulder joint, which can be easily injured, is subjected to severe stress. Therefore, you must strictly follow the recommendations on the implementation technique and work through each movement before using even a small weight.

1. Mahi hands

This exercise is warm up on the arms and shoulders. It is necessary to begin the implementation of the complex with him to strengthen the limbs.

We stand straight, doing alternately energetic swings with arms up.

We perform ten exercises with three approaches.

2. Different kinds of push ups

They stand in the first place among training on arms without dumbbells. Muscular groups are harmoniously worked out, making the shoulders and arms beautiful and thin. Varieties of this movement with its own weight allow you to increase and decrease the load, as well as shift its focus to various areas of the muscles.

Push up from the wall It is most often practiced to warm up target muscles before training. Moving one step away from the wall, we push out with the hands located at chest level the maximum number of times.

Knee push up included in many training facilities. It gives an excellent load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle. It can be done by those who have recently started training. After this exercise, after a while you can perform a more complex option - push-ups from the floor. The exercise is quite simple.

  1. Leaning on your knees and palms, cross your ankles.
  2. We carry out the maximum possible number of push-ups, fully straightening our arms.

Push ups It is a classic load on the shoulders and muscles of the hands. It is included in various training complexes for the reason that it gives an excellent load on the muscle groups of the shoulder girdle. The performance is not very difficult, but it requires good physical preparation to complete it.

Push up with focus on the palms and toes of the legs. Perform the maximum possible number of repetitions. In order for there to be progress, the number of repetitions must be increased.

3. Tilt dumbbell

It is aimed at increasing the elasticity of the triceps muscles. For those who have this muscle sagging, this exercise will help to fix this with regular exercises. The thrust forms the relief and roundness of the shoulder and forearm, perfectly removes the wings on the hands.
Detailed execution technique for women see here.

  1. We hold dumbbells with a direct grip, legs shoulder width apart, we lean the body forward. The position of the body should be comfortable and stable.
  2. Bend your elbows and pull the dumbbells up along the side of the thigh.

Repeat the possible number of times.

4. Dumbbell Arm Curl

A simple but one of the most effective dumbbell exercises. Most of the load gets biceps.

  1. We perform standing, arms with dumbbells stretch in front of the chest.
  2. We make a movement at the elbow, bending and unbending it.
  3. Keep your hands parallel to the floor - only the elbow works.

To begin with, we do any possible number of repetitions. This movement perfectly helps get rid of hanging skin.

5. Standing dumbbell press

Perfectly works the entire shoulder girdle.

We become smooth, squeeze the dumbbells up, while the body maintains a straight line, and hands should be parallel to the maximum point.

Perform the maximum possible number of repetitions.

The best exercise to perform at home, which is popular among beginners and professionals. Due to the retention of the isometric and static postures, it burns calories perfectly and strengthens the press.

Exercises muscles with an emphasis on the arms. Strengthens the forearm, wrists and hands. Many people perform this exercise at home in order to prevent the accumulation of body fat.

  1. We lie down on the floor and rest on the toes and palms.
  2. A body stretched in a line forms a bar. Breathe freely and measuredly. We hold this position for a minute.

Repeat three times. This is a great movement for losing weight.

7. Bending the arms behind the head with one dumbbell

Works out triceps. The muscles in this zone usually sag in those who do little exercise. This exercise strengthens the chest and arms, gives the muscles strength.

  • Holding one dumbbell in both hands, raise it as high as possible.
  • Plant for the head. The movement takes place in the elbow joint, other parts and bodies are in static.
  • We focus on how the thoracic region and the inner surface of the forearm are stretched.
  • 8. Bent arms with dumbbells

    We work on the forearms and back. The load goes to the extensor muscles and the broadest back. Helps remove fat from armpits.

    1. We hold dumbbells with palms inward.
    2. Tilt your torso, bend your knees a little for stability. In the lower back we maintain a natural anatomical bend!
    3. Hands with dumbbells freely lower.
    4. With the help of the shoulder joints we part and bring our hands together. The body is motionless, only shoulders work.

    Repeat eight times.

    Attention! Sudden movements cannot be made. This may result in a sprain or injury!

    9. Jumping rope

    This is a universal exercise for the main muscle groups. Jumping gives a good load on the inner side of the forearm: it is usually difficult to work out!

    We jump at a fast pace for ten minutes.

    Exercise is very popular and is included in many gymnastic complexes with an emphasis on hands. It is such an intense cardio load that will help reduce arm volume.

    10. Hand rotation

    With this exercise, you can finish the complex, removing the load from the hands and relaxing the muscles. Such a hitch will avoid unpleasant sensations in the hands the next day. Also used for stretching and developing flexibility.

    1. We stand straight.
    2. Slowly and smoothly rotate your hands clockwise.
    3. We tilt the case and make small shaking hands.

    How to train your hands and fingers?

    Many novice athletes, while training their hands, underestimate the role of the strength of the hand and fingers. Nevertheless, by working out the extensor muscles, one can achieve arm strength in general.

    It is generally accepted to focus on the shoulders and forearms. But if you pay attention to training the hand, then the strength of the forearm will increase.

    Experienced trainers pay attention to the fact that the development of fingers and wrists helps to properly hold the weight and increases the return on strength exercises on the shoulders and forearms. Classes are held in several areas.

    The compressive force is developed with expander and tennis ball. Squeezing and unclenching them, as well as twisting the expander in the form of an eight, you can achieve good results of strengthening the brush. There are 3 techniques for training hands with a hand expander. You can train anywhere several times a day.

    On a note! The holding force will help to improve the thick bar of the bar or bodybar. The pinch force of the fingers can be developed by holding the pancake from the bar with your fingertips.

    Some more tips

    By listening to the recommendations, you can improve the quality of training, make them more effective and interesting:

    • The amount of exercise. For beginners, the number of exercises performed should be minimal. You need to focus on your feelings. Muscles cannot be overloaded, loads should be added gradually.
    • Training mode. Only the strengthened muscles can be trained in the mode - from twelve to fifteen exercises with three repetitions! This figure is averaged - it can be increased and decreased depending on your physical fitness, age, weight and other individual characteristics.
    • Time mode. In order not to overload the muscles, you need to do it every other day. Muscle tissue needs to be restored, so daily exercise should not be practiced.
    • Proper diet - your first mate. The presence of protein products, slow carbohydrates will help build a slim figure and a courageous silhouette.

    Attention! Remember that all tips are advisory in nature. Performing exercises, focus on your individual feelings. If some exercise clearly does not suit you, exclude it.

    In order to have tightened and sculpted muscles, it is necessary to draw up a training plan and constantly follow it. You can apply the complex with a focus on hands described above, as well as consult with a sports doctor or trainer, and develop individual training sessions for yourself. It is important to remember that missed classes bring you back and make you start all over again. Regular and focused training will help you quickly notice positive results and achieve your goal!