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How to make a marshmallow shooting gun


Marshmallow is already the mainstream, a symbol of comfort and romance. A million American films “propagandize” marshmallows as an idea for a picnic (when it is fried on fire) and a sweet calming of nerves (in a mug of cocoa or coffee). But in fact, the homeland of marshmallows is by no means the United States, but ... Ancient Egypt!

The name comes from the original main ingredient in the composition - the root of the medicinal marshmallow or marsh mallow ("marsh mallow"). From the sticky mass with the addition of honey, a cure for sore throat was obtained. Later, the French modified the recipe and began to produce sweets. Well, in the 50s of the 20th century, Americans took marshmallows into circulation, and Kraft began to produce sweets that were world famous, without a hint of marsh mallow in the composition, but the name did not change.

Now with marshmallows they make ice cream, pizza, sweet sandwiches and just eat it. Especially children are crazy about this goodies. Do you want us to teach you how to cook them? Then carefully follow the instructions. You get 600 grams of marshmallows. Take note that this recipe for invert syrup will produce 2 servings of marshmallows. It can be stored for 3-4 months in the refrigerator.

  • Make invert syrup. To do this, mix water with sugar in a thick-bottomed stewpan. On low heat, stirring constantly, wait until it boils. Make sure that no sugar crystals remain on the walls.
  • When the syrup boils, add citric acid and, having closed the lid, cook for 30 minutes. before acquiring a golden hue.
  • Let the syrup cool slightly and add the baking soda diluted in 2 tsp. water. Wait 10 minutes until the resulting foam settles.
  • In a separate container, pour gelatin 100 g of cold water.
  • Make Marshmallow Syrup. To do this, in a saucepan, mix the resulting inert syrup, a pinch of salt, 400 g of sugar and 200 g of water and, stirring, bring to a boil over low heat. After cooking, another 6 minutes.
  • Heat swollen gelatin, you can use a microwave. It should dissolve, but not boil.
  • After whipping gelatin with a mixer.
  • Continuing to whisk slowly pour hot syrup. And beat at maximum speed for 8 minutes. Add vanillin and beat for 5 minutes. to obtain a viscous dense mass.
  • Prepare a surface with parchment paper greased with vegetable oil. And using a pastry bag, squeeze the strips onto the paper.
  • To sprinkle marshmallows, mix corn starch and powdered sugar. Sprinkle frozen strips. And then cut them into pieces with a knife or scissors and roll them again in starch and powder.
  • Put the marshmallows in a sieve and get rid of excess sprinkles.
  • Use wherever the soul desires.

What is marshmallows?

If the wave of fashion for this product with an overseas name has not yet reached you, then it’s worthwhile to tell in a nutshell what it really is.

Marshmallow is a pastry whose popularity comes from the United States. In fact, this product was previously known and used for various purposes, but only after the American Alex Doumac improved the technology of its production, dessert became widespread throughout the world.

Both in taste and in appearance, the sweetness resembles marshmallows. But still the sensations from her are somewhat different. Marshmallows are slightly rubbery, chewable and stretchable. In addition, an interesting feature is that this product can be melted, due to which a large number of recipes for unusual dishes with its participation appear.

Having prepared homemade marshmallows, you will undoubtedly become a star among your friends who want to try such a treat. In addition, you will save money, because in the shops this sweet is quite expensive.

How to make a vortex gun with your own hands

To make homemade DIY, you will need a tight glass (in the example, taken from under yogurt), a balloon and adhesive tape. The tool is also simple: a clerical knife and scissors.

Step 1. Then we use a stencil or compass to mark a hole in the bottom of a glass with a diameter of one third to half the diameter of the bottom.

Classic Marshmallow Recipe

So, it's time to tell you how to make marshmallows at home. It should be noted that this is not the easiest recipe. It requires some skill, and most importantly time and patience. If for some reason you can’t cook the marshmallow marshmallows the first time, do not despair! Just read the instructions again, see the photo and try again with fresh efforts. Believe me, the result is worth it!

In order to cook marshmallows at home, you will need an ingredient such as invert syrup. If you find it in the store and do not regret the money to buy it, then you will greatly simplify the process of preparing the whole dish for yourself. If you did not find it or did not want to spend extra money - it does not matter, you can make such a syrup yourself. But be prepared for the fact that in this case, cooking will take even more time.

In this marshmallow recipe, we will give you a complete outline, including instructions for making an invert syrup.

Ingredients for invert syrup:

  • Sugar - 350 g
  • Soda - a quarter of a small spoon,
  • Citric acid - 2/3 of a small spoon,
  • Water - 150 ml.

Ingredients for Marshmallow Souffle:

  • Sugar - 400 g
  • Gelatin (can be both powder and in plates) - 25 g,
  • Invert syrup - 160 g
  • Water - 100 ml
  • Salt - 1 pinch,
  • Vanillin - 1 tsp,
  • Powdered sugar - for bread roll (approximately ½ cup),
  • Starch - for deboning (approximately ½ cup).

A step-by-step scheme for making marshmallows at home:

  1. Before starting the whole process, soak 25 g of gelatin in 100 ml of water and leave to swell,
  2. Now let's get into the syrup. To do this, pour sugar into 150 ml of hot water and put on a slow fire to a boil,
  3. Once the water boils, add citric acid,
  4. Close the pan tightly and cook over low heat for about 20 minutes. Do not open the lid during cooking (water should not evaporate to the maximum). Next, focus on the appearance of the syrup - it should become golden, but at the same time remain liquid, not malleable. If you have achieved this state, then it’s time to remove the pan from the fire,
  5. Cool the syrup a little and add soda to it. The reaction will go right away - white foam will rise. This is normal, which means you are doing everything right. Now leave it alone for 10-15 minutes so that the foam falls off,
  6. In the meantime, we’ll deal directly with marshmallows. Mix sugar and salt and fill them with 100 ml of room temperature water. Also add 160 ml of invert syrup. This is important, do not pour it whole, only 160 ml!
  7. Put this mixture on fire, bring to a boil and simmer for 8 minutes. If you have a thermometer, then record the temperature of the liquid 100 ° C for this time,
  8. Dissolve gelatin in a water bath, cool a little and start whipping it with a mixer at a low speed. Beat for 2-3 minutes
  9. Now gently, in a thin stream, without stopping whipping, pour the warm mixture prepared for marshmallows to the gelatin. Mixer speed at the same time gradually increase,
  10. In the process, add 1 small spoonful of vanillin to the bowl. Beat the mixture to a very thick state (you yourself will feel when the mass begins to resemble the desired Marshmallows),
  11. Line the mold with parchment paper and coat it with a little bit of sunflower oil (it is the most neutral, has no smell or taste),
  12. Pour the resulting mixture into a mold, cover with something and leave in the refrigerator for 7-8 hours until solidification,
  13. After the lapse of time, remove the almost finished dish from the mold and free it from parchment paper (this will be a rather complicated and long process, but be patient)
  14. Mix in equal amounts of starch and powdered sugar and sprinkle on a work surface. Roll the resulting layer properly in this mixture,
  15. Cut the dessert the way you want. It can be large or small cubes, all kinds of stars, hearts, etc. Each piece is separately bunded separately in a starch-sugar mixture.

These are the cute and incredibly delicious homemade marshmallows we've got. In fact, they can be diversified in every way. You can add all kinds of fruit purees and nuts to the composition during cooking, you can also make chocolate marshmallows. But nevertheless, the classic marshmallows recipe is suitable for all occasions and will give more idea about this sweetness.

Best Marshmallows

We told you how to make marshmallows. Now it’s worth giving advice on how to use them best. Of course, the simplest thing is simply to eat them like sweets, drinking tea. But this product is so interesting that it can still find many uses.

  • Cocoa with marshmallows. This is a classic picture: autumn, a plaid and a hot drink with marshmallows at the top. Just boil the cocoa and sprinkle generously with marshmallows on top. The familiar taste will immediately sparkle in a new way,
  • Mastic. From this product you can make mastic for decorating cakes and other desserts,

  • Marshmallows at the stake. Another classic of the genre, which can be seen in many films and in the photo. Night, bonfire, warm friendly atmosphere and marshmallows marshmallows, planted on wooden sticks and roasted over the bonfire. If you have the opportunity to try somewhere in nature, be sure to do it!
  • Sweet sandwiches. As mentioned above, marshmallows tend to melt. Therefore, if you put it between two pieces of bread and fry such a sandwich in a pan, you will get a very interesting sandwich with a stretching sweet filling,

Cakes Such marshmallows marshmallows can be safely used in the manufacture of various confectionery products. Individual cakes can be made in cakes, you can add it to cream, decorate dishes with it ... In general, everything is in the hands of your imagination.

So, you have learned how to cook marshmallows at home. Try, experiment, you will surely succeed!