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How to enable macros in Excel and Word 2007


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In the article "How to get around anti-plagiarism for free?" We have already considered the possibility of using Microsoft Word macros for free passage of anti-plagiarism services online. But many do not know what a macro is, how to enable it, and how to use it. It is for such users that we have prepared a brief instruction. In this article, we examined the inclusion of macros using the example of Microsoft Office 2016.

  1. We need to open Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to the "File" tab (upper left corner).
  3. Open the "Settings" tab.
  4. Next, open the "Customize Ribbon" tab
  5. In the right column, look for the line "Developer", next to the inscription (on the left), put a checkmark and click "OK".
  6. At the top of the document (in the ribbon) we see the new menu "Developer", clicking on it we can always go into macros (add or remove), as well as go into the environment for writing and editing macros (Visual basic).

We hope that we were able to help you figure out how to enable macros, and you just have to use them.

Instruction manual

1. Open Excel (or Word). Press the big round button in the upper left corner and select Options

2. Open Security Management Center and go to Security Management Options

3. Turn on all macros and click OK

Although viruses are not common in Excel and I have never encountered them, I still advise you not to open files from unverified developers

4. Restart Excel (close all books) for the changes to take effect

What are included macros in Word?

And now we will examine in detail what kind of “macros” are, how to include them. Let's start the study using the example of Office Word 2007, since for many it is still the most familiar package. You need to enable macros through the menu “File” - “Word Options”.

The fact is that the macro settings in the program are turned off by default, or such security settings are set that you cannot work fully with macros. When you create macros, you essentially become a programmer. You can not only write them yourself, but also find ready-made ones. Wednesday Vba allows you to work not only within MS OFFICE. You can create full-fledged programs that access the system files on your computer, you can do harm. This is used by attackers.

Turn on the first setting on the tape. It will make the Developer tab visible and allow you to work with macros and launch the editor. Vba:

The following setting is responsible for security. Here we go to the "Security Management Center" ..

... "Center Parameres" is responsible for launching our future programs. You can configure as you need. The option "Trust access to the VBA object model" will allow you to use ready-made projects VBA For example, downloaded from the Internet.

Always run third-party macros and VBA projects before launch!

Stable MS Office 2007 is obsolete and its support has been discontinued. You need to be able to enable developer mode in later versions. They are more functional and for serious work it is better to use them. In Word 2016, turn on the "Developer" tab. To do this, in the “File” menu, go to “Settings” and then “Tape Settings”:

Do not forget to make security settings as they did before. Now that all the settings are made, you can work further.

What are macros in Word and how to work with them?

In fact, you simply include a record of your actions with the text. All actions you perform are recorded. At the right time, you stop recording and save the macro, and when necessary, start it again. Thus, you do not need to know a programming language in the first stages to cope with a simple task.

But you get the opportunity to learn the language, if you are fascinated by this business. Creating macros is an introduction to programming. Vba allows you to create powerful tools for yourself when working with text and spreadsheet documents to solve many problems in the familiar form. Those who after reading the article will be interested and want to start learning the language VBA yourself to help the book.

As an example, I’ll talk about one such useful program for Word. Sometimes there is a desire to print a useful book on a printer, because not everyone likes to read from the screen. This can be a great instruction, or a full-fledged work of art in the form of a Word document.

In order for a document you like after printing to become a full-fledged familiar brochure, you need a macro. Or rather, the program code written in VBA, it will allow you to print your document in the form of a brochure, in which there will be the correct location of the text and pagination. Download this program for review here. You just have to print and sew the brochure and now your book is ready 🙂

But most often we use macros at work in the preparation of documents. You need to format the text, change its size, change dates, names to others. It is responsible and takes time. And here our knowledge can be very useful. To start, I’ll show you a demo of how a macro works. We have a contract template that needs to be prepared for completion. Task: open the document, remove the elements we do not need from the text automatically:

You have to agree that manually removing blank fields (highlighted in yellow) on several pages is tiring every time, so we will use the macro as an example. So, I launch Word 2016, I start recording a macro:

Specify the name of our macro (without spaces), I make access from the Normal.doth template. This choice will allow you to run our macro from any Word document. You can assign a macro to a button on the toolbar or call it by pressing a certain combination of keys, but we will not do this yet. Just click on “OK” and recording of our actions will begin. I propose to look at the video of what happened, it will be clearer.

We did the simplest operation - replacing text in the entire document. But, having studied the language, you can go further - format the text, make a form in which all the necessary data of the contract are indicated (dates, number, name of the director, position, name of the organization, details, etc.). When executing a macro, all these data would be filled in automatically after being indicated in the form in the right places. I know from experience that there will be fewer errors with this filling and less time will be spent.

What is a macro in Word 2007? Formula from Excel spreadsheet

Many people are interested in how to insert Excel formulas into a Word spreadsheet. Excel is good at computing but not convenient for working with text, and Word tables are not so familiar after working with Excel. You cannot paste formulas there as in Excel, but you can insert an Excel table by copying or creating a table directly in a Word document. To do this, go to the "Insert" menu:

Next, we “draw” the table as we do it in Excel:

It will not work to create an Excel spreadsheet in Word using a macro as described above - additional efforts are needed. As for the regular Word table, you can record macros in case of creating complex table layouts.

You can try writing the table creation to a macro using any of these methods and see what happens. Personally, I copy tables directly from Excel, and I record macros in Office 2016 - it is more convenient for me to work with styles and design there. Good luck in mastering the program!