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How to shoot video in Tik Tok - duet and much more


Button "Home"On iPhone performs 6 different everyday functions: calling the lock screen, returning to the springboard (home screen), opening ambiguity mode, scanning a fingerprint using Touch ID, launching Siri voice assistant and Reachability mode ("Convenient access») For using the iPhone with one hand. In this article we will talk about 5 more settings that may be applicable when working with the Home button on the iPhone.

Most of the features are available on iPhone with iOS 9 (and above), but some of them may be present on older versions of the apple operating system.

Disable Reachability to avoid accidental clicks

After Apple decided to increase the diagonal of the display from quite convenient 3.5 and 4 inches to 4.7 and 5.5, with which, holding the device in one hand, getting to the far corner of the display becomes terribly difficult, in iOS Reachability function was integrated, well, or "Convenient access"In the Russian equivalent.

Its essence lies in the fact that by touching twice (namely by touching, rather than pressing) the “Home”, The interface slides down and getting with one hand to the most remote sections of the display becomes easy.

But no matter how cool the function on paper and in various commercials, I personally use it only a couple of times a year in everyday activities. I will say even more - it periodically causes discomfort due to accidental pressing.

You can disable it, for which you need to go to SettingsThe mainUniversal access and in the section "Interaction"Opposite the paragraph"Convenient access»Put the switch in the inactive position.

Slow down

When working with the "Home»Its double or even triple pressing can be involved for performance of these or those tasks. By default, to implement the plan, you must press the Home button as quickly as possible. If you are not comfortable with this state of affairs, then you can reduce the speed of double or triple pressing.

To do this, open SettingsThe mainUniversal accessHome. Here you can select options for double or triple pressing as "Slow" or "So slow».

How to shoot in Tik Tok - detailed instructions

After you register your account, you can start shooting different videos, for this, click on the "+"as shown in the screenshot:

Next, you find yourself in an interface where you can select all the functions and filters that interest you, consider in order what each button means:

I numbered each button and now I will describe on the list what each item is responsible for.

1. Standard button for changing the camera you will shoot on (Front camera or rear)

2. The button removes the effects of speed.

3. The Beauty button removes blur and adds clarity to the image.

4. Change effects by clicking on it, you can select any of the proposed effects that appear below.

5. Timer, helps you shoot videos without hands and leave the video at any time to change the pose or background.

6. Speed ​​effects, allow you to record video with sound that you can repeat in slow motion video, and when processed it will look like a standard video.

7. The choice of different filters there are a lot of them, choose and experiment.

8. The button that starts recording video, it must be held until the end of shooting.

9. Gallery of your gadget, from there you can upload different videos that you processed or just downloaded from the Internet.

10. Going live.

Watch the video in detail how to use effects:

How to make a duet in tick talk

To do this, add your favorite video to "Favorites"

Next, go to the "Favorites" section, which is located on your profile above and select a video, then click on the button with three dots, a panel will open in front of you, where you click on the "Duet" button

What videos to shoot to gain a lot of views

The secret to success is simple - you need to follow the trends and shoot them one of the first. To do this, go to the "Recommendations" section more often and there you can see the most popular videos at the moment. Make skits or shoot better than the original and then your video will definitely make recommendations, thereby you can gain a lot of subscribers.

Also, if you know how to work with the video editor, you can make different effects that cannot be done on a regular phone.

I wish you success and gain a large number of fans!

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Assign action to triple tapping

By triple pressing the button "Home»You can also assign a specific action. To do this, open SettingsThe mainUniversal access and scroll all the way down until you find the “Keyboard shortcut”, Which is turned off by default.

Here you can activate one of the following functions:

RAM cleaning

Using the Home button, you can also clear the RAM of the device, which will also be relevant on older iPhone and iPad.

To do this, hold down the “Nutrition"(Power) until the device shutdown slider appears ("Turn off»).

Then press and hold the “Home»Until the desktop appears (about 10 seconds). Everything, the RAM is cleared.

Write down first

This means that you first record a movie for 15 seconds:

1. Click on the red circle at the bottom of the screen and recording will begin.

2. At the end of the recording - add any effects, filters.

3. Choose a time point where a special effect or other processing is required and click the desired action. Save or Cancel changes.

4. In the upper right corner, click the circle with your avatar - this is "Music selection". A new window will open where you can find the desired song through the search bar, "Interesting», «Favorite».

Swiping up the screen you will be presented with a playlist of tracks by genre.

5. Having determined the musical accompaniment or sound effect, press the red “Use” button. Sound download starts.

6. Briefly describe your video, affix # Hashtags and invite @ Friends.

7. Select a cover for the video.

8. Decide who can watch this video - Everyone, friends or this is a private job. This item will ensure you in the future fast and irrevocable deletion of videos in Tick Tok.

9. Enable or disable commenting on a video clip.

10. Turn duet / reaction on or off.

11. “Share” the video on social networks where you have accounts.

12. Save in "Drafts"Or click"Publish»In Tick Tok.

The creators of the Tik Tok social network considered that 15 seconds would be enough to record video. Today, some users want to add videos to the network for 60 seconds or more.

IOS screen capture

Starting with iOS 11, a video capture function has appeared in the Apple mobile OS, which allows you to shoot everything that happens on the screen of your iPhone or iPad and then save the video file in the gallery. Here's what to do.

  1. Open “Settings” → “Control Center” → “Configure Controls”.
  2. Find the “Screen Record” element in the list and click on the green plus opposite it.
  3. Exit the settings and open the “Control Point” by swiping from the bottom of the screen up.
  4. The “Screen Record” icon will appear in the bottom row of icons.
  5. Click on it and exactly three seconds after the countdown, recording starts.

During recording, the status line will turn red, signaling the capture process. After the end of the video will be saved in the standard application “Photos”, from where it can be shared in any convenient way or downloaded to the cloud.

Recording a screen through QuickTime on macOS

If you wish, you can record the screen using the Mac. In this case, you can use earlier versions of iOS. In addition, the status bar will not turn red, and the time and network indicators on it will be like in all Apple presentations and advertisements. To record an iPhone or iPad screen through QuickTime on a Mac, do the following:

  1. Connect your iOS device to your Mac using a cable.
  2. Launch QuickTime and choose File → New Video.
  3. In the preview window that opens, click the record button.
  4. At the end of the recording, press the button again and save the clip to disk.

In the drop-down menu, by clicking the arrow next to the record button, you can select the built-in Mac microphone or the microphone of the mobile device as the sound source for recording. The quality of the video is also set there.

Download from the library of clips shot in advance:

1. To begin, click on the cross and then in the lower right corner the “Download". A window will open with clips and images recorded or shot earlier, but without effects and music.

It is important that the video file is in .mp4 format

2. Select one video or several from the list.

This option makes it possible to make a clip for more than 15 seconds, up to 1 minute, without going into Tick Tok. It turns out that you pre-record the video with the maximum time period and load it into the application.

3. The system will report the duration of the clip. You must either select the full captured “meter” or crop to the desired time. Indicate where the clip ends.

4. Determine the playback speed of 0.5x - slowly, 1x - normal or standard, 2x - fast.

5. Select the screen orientation to vertical or horizontal. Click on the square with an arrow in the bottom corner.

6. When everything is defined, click on the top "Further».

7. In the corner on the right, click the circle with your avatar - this is "Music selection". A new window will open where you will find the desired song through the search bar, “Interesting», «Favorite».

8. Swiping up the screen you will be available tracks sorted by genre.

9. Having determined the musical accompaniment or sound effect, press the red button “Use". Sound download starts.

10. An icon in the form of scissors will indicate the moment from which the clip begins. Here, the clip is cropped to the desired size.

11. The mixer changes the volume of the soundtrack.

12. Briefly describe your video, affix # Hashtags and invite @ Friends.

13. Select a cover for the video.

14. Decide who can watch this video. All friends or private work, just for you. The correct design of this item will ensure you in the future irrevocably deleting videos in Tick Tok.

15. You can enable or disable commenting on the work.

16. You can enable or disable the duet / reaction.

17. «Expand»Video on social networks where you have accounts.

18. Save in "Drafts"Or click"Publish»In Tick Tok.

It is important to choose the right musical composition. It should match the plot of the clip. It happens that the video is calm and slow, and the track is sharp and dynamic. This will definitely be a mismatch and will annoy people. Users will leave without watching the video to the end.

Some bloggers use these features on purpose. This in some way causes outrage and shock. With this combination of music and video, you need to be more careful and choose carefully, and not in random order.

What is private video in Tick Tok and public. How to remove any video permanently from the application

In general, videos in the Tik Tok application are distinguished by two types:

Public clips. This category of video is uploaded to the server of the owners of the application, and remains there. The user uninstalled the program from his gadget or PC. But all work will be in the public domain. This is until the moment the account is changed to private. Only your fans will have access to view videos.

Private clips remain inaccessible to the entire mass of users until you change the status of the account to public. This is done for privacy reasons. Then you will have views and fans who have more opportunities than the average guest.

The status of the video changes at any convenient time:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Open the mode "Settings"And"Confidentiality».
  3. «Private account»And move the toggle switch to the desired On / Off position.

How to delete video in Tick Tok forever

A frequent question for beginner tickers who think that the video didn’t work out is: “Can I delete my video from the Tik Tok application?” This also applies to experienced bloggers. Yes you can. It’s even easier than shooting - “Breaking, not building.”

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into the application in your account, and open the album of captured videos.
  2. Select a clip to delete. Click on it to view.
  3. In view mode, click the three white dots.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select the icon in the form of a garbage can - Delete.
  5. Confirm the deletion.

In cases where you did not specify the private status of the clip (s) before publication, your remote work will be available only to subscribers / fans. To prevent them from seeing deleted videos, you will need to completely delete your account:

  1. In the lower right corner, click on the icon in the form of a man - this is your profile.
  2. At the top right, click on three dots.
  3. Choose "My account"And further below"Delete account».
  4. A window will open where you will need to enter a confirmation code from the sent SMS to your phone.
  5. Click on continue and confirm the deletion of the account.

To save an empty account, unsubscribe from all available followers (subscribers / fans) and idols to which you are subscribed. First go to "Confidentiality"And activate the visibility as"Private account».

How clips become viral or how to become popular at Tick Tok for free.

The whole power of the Tick Tok application is the ability to do 15 second shows from nothing, popular around the world. The more tickers, the stronger the platform and the faster it develops. And this is a guaranteed profit from advertising and other methods of monetization, through the application.

Application developers offer to become popular - for free. In exchange, they ask to show their clips from 15 to 60 seconds.

Filling the recommendations tape for you is carried out manually and by robots (program):

  1. A newly made clip, the user uploads to the server, and Tik Tok moderators view it.
  2. Content is checked for presence in it - violence, cruelty, pornography, erotic scenes with exposure of bodies, etc.
  3. Additionally, videos are evaluated for creativity and the ability to get a viral rise in the top views. If this is confirmed, then the team pushes the video.

Viral clips on various topics in 15 seconds are more likely to live long and be popular. After the content is analyzed, using a metric PTR record that determines the development of events.

Viewing content at the initial stage by Tik Tok administrators ensures that clips are included in the list of stylish and creative works. This increases the chances of capturing a large audience with a video.

The plot of the clip is important

One musical accompaniment and effects will not pull out the video in the TOP or recommendations. There should be a storyline that "hooks" the user. Ticktokers use the technology - "Get to the right time in the right place."

Captured footage spontaneously without preparation - this is the key to popularity in Tick Tok. 15 seconds is enough to arouse interest in people.

The life of a modern person is filled with routine. And when he sees something unusual, he “sticks” and wants to see it again, but there is such an opportunity. Additionally, fashionable music sounds.

Most bloggers do not reinvent the wheel. It is enough for them to find trending video clips and make a high-quality cover version on them. Or it will be an imitation. This method makes it possible to shoot a viral video in a shorter time, without thinking about a new plot. And someone will make a parody of your work and glorify you.

About app

The main feature of the Tick Tok application remains access to millions of users through clips. The ability to express thoughts and show talent in 15 second commercials.

This social music network was invented in China, and it is popular on seven continents of the world - Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica.

Russia is a country where downloading an application is 33% of the total number of users. Millions of young people and their parents watch daily recommended videos.

Not a single Russian television company has gained such popularity, for such a short time - 9 months. This led to mass registration at Tick Tok, show business stars and producers.

Answers on questions

Question:How to hold the camera vertically or horizontally?

Answer:More clips in the application are uploaded vertically. Portrait mode is suitable for social networks. The vertical arrangement is convenient in that when viewing it is not necessary to turn the gadget over, the video starts automatically.

Question:What is better to shoot in Tick Tok?

Answer:There are no restrictions. The main thing for the popularity of the clip remains a fun story. Bloggers record funny scenes, incendiary dances, apply unexpected effects and editing. Over the 9 months of the existence of the Tik Tok application, the network has created its own subculture with “memes”. You can support the movement and participate in challenges.

Question:What is PopSocket and what is it for?

Answer:PopSocket is a multifunctional stand for a smartphone. It has the appearance of a convex button, Attaches to the rear panel on the suction cup. Helps fix the position of the smartphone on the surface. It is popularly referred to as - a handle, stand, mount for the phone.

Popsocket in Tick Tok plays an important role. It helps to shoot video. With it, you can conveniently and for a long time hold your smartphone while recording. It is also compared in popularity with a spinner. Cost is $ 10.