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The role of godparents at the wedding of the godson


In this article I want to talk about the power of the sign of the cross, the value of which we sometimes underestimate, the significance of tripled addition, how to cross correctly, how to wear the cross, how to bless children. On the power of the cross narrated in a parable that made me not only think, but also added new actions in my everyday life.

How to bless children

Parents are intermediaries between children and God. By blessing the children, they invoke God's grace on the children. The sign of the Cross is superimposed on the forehead, on the stomach, on the right shoulder, then on the left shoulder and mentally or aloud pronounced: "In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit." To themselves or aloud they ask: “Lord, bless!”. Bless the children in the morning, afternoon, evening, at any time. Especially when sending to kindergarten, to school, when leaving home, before going to bed.

The value of triple addition

Three fingers, folded together, mean our faith in the Holy Trinity, consubstantial and inseparable. Two fingers bent to the palm of the hand mean our faith in the two natures of the Lord Jesus Christ - the Divine and the human.

By placing our fingers on our foreheads, we express our faith that God will enlighten our minds. The position of the fingers on the chest, on the right and left shoulder means our belief that God will strengthen our heart in goodness and direct our affairs to the benefit of us and our loved ones.

I recently found out from a church source how to be baptized.

2. and the Son - the upper abdomen.

3. and the Holy - the right shoulder.

4. Spirit - the left shoulder.

5. Amen - pronouncing this word, which means "so be it," we lower our hands and bow our heads.

God gave people the greatest shrines to protect against visible and invisible enemies. One of them is a pectoral cross. The Pskov-Pechersk elder Savva wrote:

“A Christian without a cross is a warrior without a weapon, and the enemy can easily defeat him.”

How to wear a cross

The pectoral cross is a Christian shield, and it must not be removed under any circumstances. It is called so because they wear it under clothing, on the body. It is not customary to put it on public display and wear it as a decoration.

According to the church charter, after evening prayers, you need to kiss your pectoral cross. When the soul is anxious or a difficult moment has come, kiss the cross and read the words “Save and save” on its back.

“Christ left light and love on the Cross. From the cross emanate rays of graceful light and love. The cross drives away evil spirits. Kiss your cross in the morning and evening, do not forget to kiss him, inhale these rays of grace emanating from him, they invisibly pass into the soul, heart, conscience, character. Kissing your cross, pray for loved ones sinners. Through your prayers, they will be good, for the heart gives news to the heart. The Lord suffered for all in the name of love, and we must love all for His sake. If you start the day like this, overshadowing the grace of your cross, then you will spend the whole day holy. We will not forget to do this, it’s better not to eat than to forget about the cross! ”Elder Savva.

I told you, dear readers, how important the power of the cross is. Listen to my words, drop pride and use the sign of the Cross to protect your loved ones, read prayers for your family and friends. In the next article I will talk about what holy places I visited.

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The godmother at the godson’s wedding and her role

Isstari it was on the godparents that the task of spiritual and moral education of children lay, as well as the dispensation of their personal lives. Now the features of these traditions in some Orthodox families are still preserved. It is wonderful if the relationship between godparents and receivers remains close, warm from childhood to adulthood. In this case, their presence at the wedding is not just a formal observance of customs.

For the bride, the godmother is first of all a spiritual mentor and girlfriend, whom you can always turn to for wise advice, entrust her with some secrets

On such a special and important day as marriage, the support of a loved one is needed more than ever.No less needs moral support from the godmother and the groom. In addition, the “second mother”, being for her successor with young nails the embodiment of the female ideal, must say parting words to him that he always respect his soul mate and take care of her, become a worthy husband and father.

Wedding ceremonies and traditions associated with godparents

And now more specifically about what the godmother should do at the wedding of the goddaughter or godson, as well as in preparation for this important event.

  • If for any reason the mother cannot attend the wedding, she is replaced by the godmother.
  • Previously, young people who arrived at the groom's house were greeted with a lush loaf, now this tradition is mainly used at the entrance to the banquet hall. In this case, the baptismal attribute is entrusted to the godmother. It is desirable that the woman is married and happy in marriage - so when she kneads the dough, she will share positive energy with the bride and groom.
  • In addition to the loaf of godmother, the rushnyk on which he will lie is also entrusted. “Second mother” should embroider Slavic ornaments in the form of birds together with the bride.

Towel with birds from the godmother

  • Traditionally, the godfather and godfather at the wedding decorate the room of the bride and groom, including their wedding bed.
  • Now is not the time when parents choose a chosen one or chosen one. However, the tradition of matchmaking has been preserved to this day in some families. The organization of this rite should be done by a godmother from the groom.
  • A very beautiful wedding tradition, like lighting candles (a symbol of a family hearth) and passing them on to new-found husband and wife, also, as a rule, lies on the shoulders of the godmother.
  • If young people do not just sign in the registry office, but enter into a divine union in the church, the presence of godparents on such an event on both sides is very important. During the wedding, spiritual mothers hold crowns over the young.

Godfathers hold crowns over heads of godchildren at a wedding

In fact, the duty of the godmother at the wedding of the goddaughter includes any feasible help that her successor needs, from moral to material support. Godmother should also take part in the organization of the celebration and take on some of the trouble.

Congratulations and gifts to the godson

As a rule, that part of the celebration in which godparents congratulate the newlyweds is very touching. It should not be just a poem read from a postcard. Words should be sincere, coming from the soul - so they will not only produce the effect of tenderness on others, but will also have a real magical effect.

Necessarily godparents should wish a long and happy family life without quarrels and adversities. Parting words related to caring for each other, maintaining the warmth of the family hearth are also appropriate

As for gifts, there are no special rules here, you can choose a present based on the individual characteristics of the couple, at your discretion, or choose any of the options below.

  • Wedding Dress. Traditionally, the godfather bought the fabric for the bride’s outfit. Modern girls increasingly prefer not to sew, but to buy ready-made dresses in specialized salons, the "second mother" helps with the choice and purchase. If the godmother is sufficiently wealthy financially special, she can completely take all the wedding expenses on herself, this will be a wonderful gift for a spiritual son or daughter.
  • Linens. Accessories for the bride and groom’s bed are a relevant and useful gift from the godmother, which together with good wishes will constitute parting words for the well-being of family life.
  • Appliances. This also includes other items that are useful to the newlyweds in everyday life. For example, you can present a newly made spouse a large tea service, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a cash certificate to the store. Acceptable gifts with legitimate parents and other guests are also acceptable, if their amount is impressive: the heroes of the occasion will surely be delighted with an apartment or a new car.
  • Rings. Their godparents can present in advance only after learning about the wedding. Rings by tradition should be gold, the design can be chosen with godchildren or give something at your discretion.

Golden Ring, SL (price by reference)

Godfathers should relate to their spiritual children in the same way as relatives. Do not skimp on choosing gifts for such close people for whose fate and well-being you once took responsibility.


The role of godparents at the wedding of the godson is no less important than the role of native parents. This is an important and therefore exciting event in the lives of young people, they will certainly need support from relatives. A lot of wedding traditions are connected with the personality of the godmother. It is not necessary to observe each rite, especially since in the modern interpretation these are just beautiful formalities. However, sincere good wishes from the lips of a spiritual mentor create a strong positive energy around the couple, and parting words open the way for a happy family life.